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The SARS-CoV-2 termed COVID-19 called CoronaVirus

6 Must Do s Post COVID 19 Recovery

  • 01 Jun 2021
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Recovering from COVID usually takes around 2 weeks (for mild cases) and about a month for people with a serious infection. But COVID has an excellent recovery rate in India right now which is above 90%. That is why most people who contract this viral infection recover soon and slowly get back to their old lifestyle.If you or someone you know got infected and recovered, congratulations! But remember, even though the virus is no longer in your body, you still need to be cautious about what you do in the next few days. Here is a complete guide to post-COVID

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Coronavirus recovery: Most common post COVID symptoms and when to seek help

  • 01 Jun 2021
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Common post-COVID signs patients can experience after fighting COVID-19Testing negative after recovering from COVID-19 is only half the battle won. As recovery rates continue to rise in India, doctors are now warning that people who have fought and recovered from the coronavirus are at the risk of certain infections and chronic ailments, which could sometimes, last for a few weeks, or even months.Here’s why long COVID symptoms need attentionLong COVID, or post-COVID syndrome, as it is being dubbed is the newest battle COVID survivors may be fighting off. While long COVID risk has long been studied and warned against by

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