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Liti Capital Launches ScamBusters to Tackle Crypto Fraud

  • 24 Sep 2021
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Liti Capital SA, the Swiss-based litigation funding provider disrupting private equity investing with blockchain technology, is launching ScamBusters, a revolutionary new tool that allows users to vote for which crypto-focused cases the company should pursue next.Devoted to fighting fraudFraud within cryptocurrency and blockchain is rife. This year will be a record for investment fraud: 14,079 investment scams were reported to the FTC in the first quarter of 2021, and victims lost $215 million in this quarter alone. Liti Capital is bringing its expertise in picking, funding and winning court cases and inviting consumers to vote on which scams it should

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Cryptocurrency Investing: It's not as risky as you think

  • 11 Sep 2021
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What is Cryptocurrency?Cryptocurrency is a digital currency whose ownership and transactions data are recorded on an electronic ledger.In fact, this electronic ledger is a cryptocurrency’s blockchain that updates together on over 10,000 computers around the world.Further, the protocol defines the creation and proof for the transactions of cryptocurrency.The protocol is a list of rules that define how the process will carry out to update the task into the ledger.The transactions are as unique codes and secured by cryptography principles.Cryptography allows the transactions such as creation, change of ownership,. to record in various databases through blockchainsBut, the blockchains can be public

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Why Uniglobe Markets Is Best For Online Forex Trading?

  • 02 Aug 2021
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What is Forex?Forex stands for “foreign exchange” and specifies buying or selling of one currency in exchange for another.The process of currency exchange in Online Forex Trading is conducted through an electronic network of banks, brokers, non-bank financial institutions, and individual traders.What Is Forex Market?Forex or Forex Exchange (also known as FX) market is a global marketplace where the world's various currencies are traded.The Forex market is considered a decentralized market because of no real market location and the exchange rates change by the second so the market is constantly fluctuating.It is one of the largest financial markets in the world with the most liquid asset and with a daily volume of $6.6 trillion

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