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Check Out These Top 7 Gadgets to Keep Your Home Safe!

  • 23 Sep 2021
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It is said that "home is where the heart is." Your home is not only the ideal place to unwind after a long day at work, but it is also your largest financial investment.As a result, it's only natural to go to great lengths to defend your home and keep it safe and secure from intruders. In today's digital age, homeowners have access to a wealth of high-tech equipment that can help them smarten their houses and keep them safe from intruders. Let's look at the top seven most beneficial gadgets that will keep your home safe and provide you with complete piece of mind. Web security camerasWhen it comes to

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Can I Get Customized Controllers Instead of the Normal Ones?

  • 01 Sep 2021
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Real gaming freaks want everything latest in their gaming studio. Whether it's the newest gaming console or the controller, the latest accessories add a prime feeling to their gaming experience. Many gamers have been asking various questions about custom gaming accessories, and the most asked one question is, "can I get customized controllers instead of the normal ones"?  The simple answer is yes. Many third parties have come up with the unique idea of custom gaming controllers. The best part is they provide almost every gaming controller with a custom or modded design. So, whether you want a custom Xbox one elite controller or a PlayStation 5 controller, you'll get everything as per

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Galaxy Z Fold3 - Flip3 5G - Samsung Galaxy

  • 30 Aug 2021
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This is the first foldable phone that might be worth a go. The first few iterations of foldables were marred with reliability issues and huge price tags. However at £949, this phone is likely to cost as much on contract as the latest Apple or Google devices. There’s no sacrificing on processing power or features to make the phone work at this price either: the Flip3 comes with an octa-core processor inside, plenty of RAM and a 120Hz display. Plus it’s waterproof.Folding the phone will split the display in two, so you can, for example, sit the phone on the

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Smart Mirror Market 2021 Sales Revenue, Grow Pricing and Industry Growth Analysis

  • 09 Aug 2021
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OverviewAccording to MRFR, the global smart mirrors market is expected to grow from USD 1.81 billion in 2017 to USD 4.01 billion by 2023 at a CAGR of 14.15% over the review period.Market HighlightsIncreasing the adoption of advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) in the automotive sector and the transition from retail to digital stores are factors driving the smart mirrors market. The smart digital mirrors are slated to gain prominent market share in healthcare, residential and professional applications. Smart mirror technology can improve patient care, in some cases reducing health care expenses. Smart mirrors may provide patient-specific details such as

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Samsung Jet Bot AI+ with Intel A.I. Driving

  • 08 Aug 2021
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Introducing Samsung’s latest AI-powered robot vacuum to help clean your house with minimal effort and maximum performance: the Jet Bot AI+. It claims to be the first Intel AI-powered smart robot vacuum that uses both LiDAR and 3D sensors to detect distance and track location for precise movements, as well as distinguish the differences between objects to manoeuvre around them appropriately. This allows the machine to clean homes more efficiently and thoroughly, without requiring the supervision of users for each room or location.It is powered by an advanced digital inverter motor that delivers 30W of suction power, which can also

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