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5 Bad Habits That Cause Students To Drop Out Of Online Classes

  • 07 Feb 2022
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Students are getting more used to online classes, especially since Covid is still preventing in-person classes from taking place in many areas. Some find online learning to be entirely beneficial, while others view it as one big hassle. After all, it’s hard to communicate in online classes, as there are no face-to-face interactions. Even though online classes are tough, it doesn’t seem like they’re going anywhere anytime soon. Therefore, you should know about these five bad habits that cause students to drop out before you sign up for an online class. Procrastinating Since there’s much more flexibility in online classes, students tend

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How To Stay Healthy While Studying Online

  • 11 Oct 2021
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Most online students learn from the comfort of their homes, but sometimes it’s not easy to stay mentally and physically healthy here. Lack of physical activities and interactions may impact your health, and you could end up with a severe illness that prevents you from taking your class. When you feel online learning is stressful, you should call a tutoring service and ask: “Can I pay someone to take my online class?” They will help you when you need an expert tutor. However, a lot of students don’t know that online class help services exist. The following tips will help you stay

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