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Managing Invoice Workflow Bottlenecks

  • 08 Mar 2022
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Organizations are being held back by outdated practices, especially as the worldwide support of a remote workforce grows. Businesses can stay productive as the world changes by working in a secure online environment and interacting in real-time. However, inefficiencies in the invoice workflow slow down manufacturing and delivery, causing earnings delays.To prepare for a dynamic marketplace, management must address these concerns, especially those in the AP and Procurement departments. Custom workflows, for example, are continuously requiring revisions, whereas cloud AP automation tools have established workflows and are familiar with the variances seen to create a dependable standard. Learn how to

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e-Invoicing Compliance in 2022

  • 02 Mar 2022
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The year 2022 is shaping up to be a watershed moment in the realm of digital business compliance. To assist firms with their planning, our experts have compiled answers to three frequently asked concerns about e-invoicing compliance in 2022.Every day, we work with international corporate leaders in tax, finance, and information technology, all of whom are dealing with identical issues. We see CFOs who are unhappy with juggling different service providers in multiple countries, as well as IT departments that must construct and maintain an ever-growing number of formats and connections. Then there are Tax Directors who recognize what’s coming:

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Integrating Procure-to-Pay and ERP Systems with HubBroker

  • 28 Feb 2022
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We live in a complex environment where many businesses use a combination of legacy and modern systems to run their operations. In this blog, we’ll go over some crucial points to keep in mind when integrating ERP and procure-to-pay (P2P) systems, as well as why it’s critical to make sure your P2P vendor can work seamlessly with your present systems and any new ones you could implement in the future.Integration Between Procure-To-Pay and ERP SystemsComplicated integrations can make a procurement modernization project more complex. Understanding the common connectivity points with ERP and how data and documents will flow will help

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AP Automation: Saving the Logistics Industry from Drowning in Paper

  • 23 Feb 2022
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The logistics industry’s operational operations may appear simple: something must be shipped from Point A to Point B, sometimes via Point C. However, the accounts payable procedure can become pretty complicated to ensure that deliveries are done quickly.The Complexities of the Logistics ProcessWhether a big machine or thousands of face masks to be delivered, the process is fundamentally the same and involves several parties:The company that collects the container from the customer’s location and transports it to the nearest train station or port.The company that is moving it across the country or perhaps internationallyThe company in charge of the final

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Making the Most of a Supplier Portal

  • 20 Feb 2022
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A supplier portal, also known as a vendor portal, is an online platform that allows businesses to communicate with and interact with their vendors. It’s a collaborative platform where both the customer and the supplier may enter data, send documents, track orders, and manage their business relationship. A supplier portal, at its most basic level, eliminates paper. To take it a step further, it’s an interface that significantly improves and combines B2B communication.When we consider all of the implications of using paper or not using paper, of integrating or not integrating, we’ll realize how many facets of doing business a supplier

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