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Is modern architecture is all about building the skyscraper?

  • 27 Jul 2021
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When I was a little boy, I used to make buildings, houses, bridges from my Lego toy set. Sometimes me and my friend try to make the tallest building by using our Lego set. That was probably the last time we thought of making big buildings. Now in high-tech cities like Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad not only they are advance in the tech field, but they also have the world's best-manufactured establishments.What, Why, and How?Now the biggest question is the modern architecture is about big and long buildings? If so, how are they doing it and how are they able to do this thing

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How is Bachelor’s in Architecture different from Bachelor of Technology with Civil Engineering

  • 20 May 2021
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Both the B. Arch and B. Tech Civil have the same tactics and follow the same course structure. Several students may get confused with the difference between B. Tech Civil Engineering and B. Arch. Not only do they both have a similar course structure, but they also have the same career opportunities. The Only difference is the job role. Profiling between B. Arch and B. Tech B. Tech civil gives the study of the entire process of the product development and overall structural study from designing the model to the constructed delivery, which allow include the maintenance too. But on the other hand, B. Arch’s course structure is sketched to study

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Why students prefer engineering after 12th class?

  • 19 May 2021
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One of the important stages of student life is after 12 class, at that time students have to take decision for their future. After 12th students have many options to choose of their choice. Choosing engineering is a common option which most of the students select to make their career. The JEE and NEET are the first choice of students for competition exam. If students search for career options after 12th, then engineering is on top. As per my opinion this field has several advantages for career purpose. When students select engineering field, then there are different streams like software engineering courses, civil engineering courses, mechanical engineering, electronic and electrical

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