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OptraSCAN is an affordable digital pathology scanner & solution Provider. We are focused on providing affordable and unique digital pathology scanning systems such as brightfield, AI, frozen sections, fluorescence as well as confocal applications.

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Why Adoption of Digital Pathology Is Still Struggling

  • 23 Sep 2021
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Digital Pathology or whole slide imaging is the process of generating high-resolution images of tissue sections prepared on pathology glass slides. These tissue images then can be viewed on any electronic device such as — computer monitors, laptops, or even mobile devices. The produced digital images can be stored securely on servers, local networks, or even cloud servers. This entire system allows pathologists to work remotely, consult for a second opinion, and for remote or classroom learning.Globally we are witnessing a decline in the number of pathologists, however, the cases are on rising. This gap will eventually impact patient care. Scaling up digital pathology is crucial and a necessity to resolve this

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Fluorescence Digital Pathology Scanner-OptraSCAN

  • 25 Aug 2021
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OptraSCAN offers one of the best Fluorescence Scanner which is cloud-enabled desktop scanners, capable of scanning up to 15 slides. These scanners are equipped for fluorescence & brightfield scanning. It offers high-resolution imaging. IMAGEPath® provides an Image Management System apt suitable for viewing, storing and archiving as well as TELEPath®, Telepathology software used for real-time, remote consultations are accompanied by OS-FLi.  Features:·        It provides Cloud-based 15 slides fluorescence scanning·        Benefits 20x or 40x magnification·        14 filter cubes that are efficient multiplex imaging and can produce up to 30 combinations of excitation, emission, and dichroic·        It has 14 slots for FL and 1 for brightfield  Tel: +1-408-524-5300 Contact us at- [email protected]

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