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Granular fertilizer has a very beneficial effect on plant growth, by regulated release of nutrients, by avoiding washing away of fertilizer salts, and by making NPK application uniform. Poor storage conditions and long storage without conditioning re

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How do water soluble anticaking agents work?

  • 01 Nov 2021
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Water-soluble anti-caking agent and preparation method The invention concerns a water-soluble anti-caking substance and its manufacturing method. 10 to 50 percent water-soluble polymer, 5 to 20% surface active agent, 10 to 20% low-carbon alcohol, and 10 to 75 percent water; the preparation method includes adding water to a reaction kettle with agitating blades and a heating device, and heating to 35 to 40 degrees Celsius; adding the surface active agent; and adding the low-carbon alcohol.Chemical fertilizers, whether powdery or granular, can lump and lose flow ability under certain conditions, and this phenomenon is known as fertiliser caking. Fertilizer caking mainly occurs during storage, loading and unloading, and material transportation. Fertilizer

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