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Keyincode also offers a comprehensive range of affordable Grade 1 code compliant panic and fire rated exit hardware meeting the Buy American Act, as well as earning certifications by ANSI, BHMA, ADA as required.

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A guide to different types to keyless locks.

  • 09 Jun 2021
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Digital Deadbolt Door Locks: Digital deadbolt door locks are a straightforward door hardware upgrade for your home. These locks include basic smart locking functions easily accessible on your smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth technology. These locks are different from the touchscreen deadbolts. As long as you are within the lock’s Bluetooth range, you will lock and unlock the deadbolt, monitor who accesses your lock and even create, share, disable, and delete user codes. SmartCode Keypad Deadbolts: SmartCode keypad or pin locks North Reading deadbolts feature an electronic keypad with a deadbolt. These keyless door locks for homes offer the convenience of keyless entry with a back-lit keypad that gives increased visibility.

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