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What are the concepts of Arc Length and Distance Formula?

  • 29 Jun 2022
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What are the concepts of Arc Length and Distance Formula? Concept of Arc Length:The arc length is the distance along the curve that contributes to the arc. The distance between the arc's end points or straight line chord is always greater than the arc length. An alternative definition of the arc length is the circumference, or the distance between the two edges of the circle.The arc length, which is one application of definite integrals, is used to measure distance along a curve path. The arc length has many implications in daily life. If you drive along a curve road, the length of the road is

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What's a Cross Product?

  • 29 Jun 2022
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What's a Cross Product?Cross product is a binary operation that applies two vectors to a three-dimensional space. This produces a vector perpendicular to the vectors. (a x b) denotes the vector made up of two vectors. The resultant vector is perpendicular with a and b. These are also known as cross products. The resultant vector will be the cross product of two vectors. This is calculated using the Right Hand Rule. But there are some online tools available like which provide you with accurate calculations within seconds.Cross Product from Two VectorsCross product of two Vectors is the multiplication of two vectors. The multiplication sign(x), which is

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