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Hair care varies from person to person depending on the type of hair. At Hair X Meds, we have the best solution for all types of hair. From braids collection and shampoo to hair regrowth oil and kids hair care items, we have a wide array of hair care

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All That You Wanted To Learn About Using Braid Mousse

  • 09 Jun 2021
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We all love braids, but they have to be maintained well. Without proper care and maintenance, braids can look dull and do more harm than good. Braid mousse offers plenty of advantages. For one, it acts as a bonding tool when braiding, making the braid easier to handle and eliminate frizz. Not many know that braid mousse can be used on extensions and natural hair – but you will have to go easy on the quantity of mousse. This is because too much mousse could cause a buildup up, leaving your hair smelly and with a bad odor. To prevent frizzy hair,

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