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Fistula Treatment in Bangalore - Fistula Surgery Cost in Bangalore

  • 26 Oct 2021
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Surgery is generally required to treat an anal fistula since it does not usually cure itself. Several methods are available. The greatest choice depends on the fistula's position and whether it is a single channel or has branches in numerous directions. The surgeon will discuss the various alternatives and what they feel is the most appropriate one for you. Here we will discuss different types of surgeries for fistula treatment with their costs.   Fistula Surgery Cost in Bangalore Cost of Fistula treatment in Bangalore ranges from 40000 up to 700000. Fistula Surgery Cost in Bangalore starts from: Rs. 40,000 Average Cost of Fistula Surgery in Bangalore are: Rs 55,000 Maximum cost of Fistula Surgery in Bangalore is up to: Rs.70,000  Here

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Hernia Types, Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

  • 22 Sep 2021
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When hernia develops, an internal organ pulls a weak part of the muscle or tissue. Different kinds of hernia are known, including inguinal, umbilical, femoral and hiatal. Here I will describe each type of Hernia. Inguinal hernia: A tissue, such as a section of intestine, protrudes from a weak place in the abdominal muscles, causing an inguinal hernia. The consequent bulge can be painful, especially when coughing, bending, or lifting a heavy object. Many types of hernias, however, do not usually cause pain. Femoral hernia: On the top of the inner thigh, fatty tissue or a part of the intestines can be seen in Femoral Hernias. Femoral hernias are far less common

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Circumcision Surgery benefits and methods

  • 28 Aug 2021
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What is Circumcision? The skin covering the tip of the male genital is surgically removed in circumcision, which is a minor and common surgery. It's normally done on a newborn boy within the first two days. The foreskin is a covering of skin that covers the head (glans) of the male genital in boys. The foreskin is removed during circumcision to reveal the male genital head. It's a simple treatment that doesn't require stitches and involves very little blood. Circumcision can be performed on older boys, but it is a more complex surgery. ●        Circumcision of new-borns is linked to several factors. The following are the most common: ●        religion ●        hygiene ●        health considerations Benefits Circumcised males may be at a

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