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The cell invasion and migration assays market

  • 31 Aug 2022
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Roots Analysis has announced the addition of the “Cell Invasion and Migration Assays Market, 2022–2035” report to its list of offerings. Owing to several advantages offered by cell invasion and migration assays in analyzing and quantifying cellular mechanisms, industry stakeholders have undertaken numerous R&D initiatives focused on exploiting the use of such assays to expediate discovery timelines and optimize the total development cost.  For additional details, please visit Considering the various advantages offered by these cell-based assays, researchers across the globe have undertaken several initiatives to use these platforms for the diagnosis of a myriad of disease indications. The advancements in various technologies have propelled life science companies to use these assays in

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  • 26 Aug 2022
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Aptamers have gained a lot of momentum in the past decade. It is worth highlighting that in 2005, Macugen became the first and the only USFDA approved aptamer drug for treating age-related macular degeneration (AMD).   It has been reported that more than 15 million people in the US suffer from AMD alone with 200,000 cases annually across North America.  This indicates a high unmet need of patients thus, paving a way for aptamer-based solutions due to their advantages over traditional antibody-based therapies. This has led to rapid developments in the domain which can be attributed to various factors, such as number in the number of clinical trials, increased awareness about advantages

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The gene-editing beyond CRISPR market is anticipated to grow at an annualized rate of 18%, claims Roots Analysis

  • 09 Aug 2022
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With the approval of HUMULIN®, the first genetically modified drug, scientific community has made significant progress in developing gene edited therapies based on programmable nucleases, such as ZFNs, TALENs, EMNs and CRISPR London Roots Analysis has announced the addition of “Gene-Editing Beyond CRISPR: Focus on ZFN, TALENs and Meganucleases Market, 2021-2035” report to its list of offerings. The ability of gene editing solutions to directly target and modify genomic sequences has greatly expedited the progress of gene editing therapies into clinical stages.  To order this 150+ page report, which features 100+ figures and 5+ tables, please visit rootsanalysis.comTo request a sample copy / brochure of this report, please visit Questions Answered§  Who are the players

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  • 20 Jun 2022
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 Amongst the total players offering bioassay services for cell and gene therapies, most of the players engaged in this domain were established before 1995In addition to this, all of the bioassay service providers (100%) are offering pre-developed assay. This is followed by 89% players that offer customized cell therapy assay and gene therapy assay. Primarily driven by the need for technical and operational expertise, which are available with contract service providers, the cell and gene therapy bioassay services market is poised to witness substantial growth in the coming years. To request sample report please visit Further, as can be observed from the figure, 75% service providers claim to have the required capabilities

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The HUMIRA® biosimilars market is projected to witness considerable growth over the coming years, claims Roots Analysis

  • 26 May 2022
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Roots Analysis has announced the addition of the “HUMIRA® (Adalimumab) Biosimilars – Pipeline Review and Partnerships” report to its list of offerings. Detailed review of the adalimumab biosimilars pipeline and affiliated developer landscape, featuring a list of involved innovator companies and their respective therapy candidates. It includes insights based on the current status of biosimilar candidates, and important developer related details (including headquarters, and type of developer). For additional details, please visit Being one of the first biologics against anti-inflammatory diseases, HUMIRA® is considered an aberration in terms of patent protection, with AbbVie strategically covering novel uses of the product and thereby, enjoys uncharacteristically prolonged marketing exclusivity. In fact, a year after multiple

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