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I am Elitsa Shira from Houston. I write and share tips and guide to buy or analyze used auto parts before buying.

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Myths and Facts About Engine Oil

  • 29 Nov 2021
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The engine oil is no less than the lifeline of a vehicle. It takes care of the engine – the most important component of a vehicle, which speaks volumes about the importance of engine oil. Its significance is like what water is for a human body. Thus, when you buy a car engine of any make and model, be it a rebuilt engine or a used BMW engine, proper use of engine oil is mandatory for it to work smoothly for a long period of time. However, there are multiple practices used by mechanics and car owners across the world

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Common Car Maintenance Mistakes That You Should Avoid

  • 20 Oct 2021
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Being a car enthusiast, bring your car to the nearest workshop for timely maintenance. When you don’t follow this, you may come to a situation where your car's engine fails completely. To avoid such situations, you can bring your car to the nearest workshop as per the schedule mentioned in the car’s manual.Whether you drive Lamborghini, Honda, Audi, Maserati, or Porsche, maintaining a car’s engine is important exactly as you maintain your body. When you avoid doing this preventive maintenance in your car, it increases the cost of repair. So be careful while maintaining your car’s engine and avoid doing

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3 Usual Mistakes That Can Harm Your Diesel Engine

  • 29 Sep 2021
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Repairing a diesel engine is the same as repairing another combustion engine. With experienced and skilled technicians, you can keep your diesel engine remains up and running for all of your daily business operations. But there are some usual or common mistakes that you do unknowingly and harm your diesel engine over the miles. Avoid doing such mistakes repeatedly with the vehicle’s engine otherwise, it will lead you to buy a used or rebuilt engine in Houston, Texas. In this post, we have discussed three usual mistakes that you must avoid doing in your car. Let’s begin with the first point. Have

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Is It Worth Replacing an Engine with a Used Engine?

  • 14 Jul 2021
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Replacing an engine with a used engine helps you to save a thousand dollars. If your car has fewer miles and in good working condition, then it is worth replacing with a used engine that provides better performance and mileage at a reasonable cost all over the USA. These days finding an engine for sale is not so difficult because lots of vendors are providing engines as per your need including all domestic and foreign vehicles. So, if you want to get power-packed performance at a budget-friendly cost then consider buying used engines and enjoy a comfortable driving. 

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