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Burns Valuation Consulting has over twenty years of experience in business valuation, strategic planning and analysis, and real estate brokerage. Business valuation is a process in which a set of procedures are used to estimate the economic value of

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5 Steps to Selling Your Business

  • 16 Dec 2021
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What should you do now that you've decided to sell your business?You may find the process of selling a business to be overwhelming, especially if you haven't done it before. There are various issues to consider before proceeding with the sale, including the timing of the transaction and logistics.First, you must accept that the process to sell your business in Atlanta is appropriate. This would be difficult for many small business entrepreneurs, especially if they started it from scratch.There are several reasons why entrepreneurs sell their enterprises. Selling your business can be highly satisfying, whether you're preparing for retirement, overworked, or just ready to move on. However, following the right procedure

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