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International Students' Top Tips

  • 07 Mar 2022
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The United States boasts the world's largest number of international students, accounting for about 5% of all students enrolled in higher education in the country. Choosing to study in the United States is a wonderful opportunity, but there is so much to plan and prepare for – where do you begin?How To Survive As A Student In The United StatesThe first week after arriving at their US institution is the toughest period of most students' whole study in the United States experience. Not only will you have to battle with homesickness, but you'll also have to adjust to a new

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How to Deliver a Powerful Interview Presentation

  • 04 Mar 2022
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An overview of the steps involved in preparing for an interview presentationAn interview presentation is one of the many ways interviewers might assess your suitability for the job. When giving a presentation at an interview, your employer can assess your communication skills, confidence, and professionalism, thus it's critical to prepare thoroughly to impress your audience. We'll go over how to provide an effective interview presentation that will improve your chances of landing the job.How to Prepare for a Presentation during an InterviewHere are the actions you should do to boost your chances of getting an interview:Prior to the presentation, do

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How to Negotiate Salary

  • 02 Mar 2022
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Everyone should be focused on obtaining a higher wage through negotiation.Regardless of when you last bargained for a higher wage, the moment will come when the value of the work you do is not reflected in the money you receive.When this moment comes, it's critical to approach the situation objectively, develop an evidence-based argument for your desired compensation, and then bargain for it.This tutorial will teach you how to negotiate your salary, the fundamentals of salary negotiations, how to determine your objective value using job market data, best practices for salary negotiations, how to negotiate a raise, and what to

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Job-search strategies For International Students In 2022

  • 28 Feb 2022
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Due to the pandemic and difficulties getting student visas, international enrollment in U.S. universities fell slightly during the 2019-2020 school year. The bad news is this. But the good news is that international student enrollment at American universities appears to be increasing again, which suggests that many international students will be seeking work in 2022 and beyond. To better understand the job-search scene for international students, Firsthand spoke with Marcelo Barros, an international student career consultant. The following is a portion of that chat.Covid is still a reality, and it continues to impact our lives in a variety of ways.

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Navigating The Friendly Waters: What Should You Do If You Have Multiple Job Offers?

  • 23 Feb 2022
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We understand the thrill of landing a job or internship offer with ITPathFinder. But what happens if you have to choose between several options? If you're working with ITPathFinder, the chances are that you will find yourself in this situation. Having more than one job offer in hand has its advantages—but deciding between many job offers might be difficult. Take a look at some pointers on how to make a decision.One of the most significant advantages of juggling many job or internship offers is the added leverage it might provide you in discussions with potential employers. You may use the

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