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Sparity is the leading iT Software development company in USA, We offer the best software services to businesses for various technologies which include Digital Transformation, AI ML, Data science, Data security,Qa,UI/UX, Rpa, App development, Cloud and Cyber security services. Your IT strategy is the foundation of your business. Sparity acts as an extension of your team helping you overcome challenges with comprehensive solutions. We provide Full Stack Engineering, Mobile Application Development, IT Staffing Services, Information and Cyber Security Consulting, Product Design and Development Services, Big data analytics & Engineering Services, Cloud Migration, Protection and IT Managed Services. Incorporate 0ML to build scalable machine learning solutions quickly and  build your algorithms with confidence by embracing expert AI and MAGESCAN. We offer Digital Transformation And IT software services in USA and Across the Globe

Our Services:

Digital: Take a giant leap towards innovation with our digital services, Keeping pace with the continually changing tech landscape is necessary to maintain your edge. Count on us for a new digital wave that takes you light years ahead. Digitalizing a fraction of your enterprise operations will get you now here. A ubiquitous digital transformation, however, can change the playing field and put you way ahead of your competition. It will also add tangible value to your offering and result in user delight.

We, at Sparity, believe in embedding digital at the heart of your enterprise. Whether it is re-engineering your product with the best UI/UX practices or bringing in AI-powered automation to the operations, we make your digital journey hassle-free.

WHAT WE DO: Product engineering, UI/UX design, Quality assurance, Robotic process automation

Cloud: Cloud technology is an emerging trend. Get in touch with our skilled cloud consultants who deliver speedy, scalable, and highly secure cloud solutions at low cost.

Transferring crucial data and other enterprise resources to the cloud can be intimidating to some companies, prohibiting them from harnessing the real power of cloud computing technologies.

We sketch an appropriate cloud-first draft for organizations, including everything from cloud consultancy to enablement and the final cloud migration. We help you make a swift shift from on-premise servers to a secure cloud environment.

WHAT WE DO: Cloud consulting, Cloud enablement, Cloud strategy, Cloud migration, DevOps, Cloud native

Data: Grow your business exponentially with strong data practices, Behind great AI and ML applications lie strong data infrastructures and robust models. We help you embrace analytics through a great foundation in data practices.The possibilities are truly endless. A business can gain a major competitive edge by predicting prices, demand and other critical growth variables efficiently. However, the enthusiasm to get these rich insights should not override the need to build strong data infrastructures. We bring all the best practices together to lay a solid foundation for data engineering, data science and data visualization.

We’ve worked on various verticals – right from healthcare, finance and telecom to supply chain, travel and manufacturing and we can help you with industry specific use cases.

WHAT CAN WE DO: Data engineering, Data science, Data visualization

Security: Protect your enterprise at all levels with always-on-security. Organizations are growing rapidly whilst deferring their security needs. We can help catch up with the latest security practices that protection against known and unknown threats. Traditionally the term security indicated fortification and policing. Today it has no boundaries. It demands continuous assessment as well as use of analytics to protect against future vulnerabilities. With hybrid clouds, multiple vendors, work from home policies and other changes in the regulatory framework, securing the systems is not easy.

Sparity believes that defense is a team effort. We have an experienced team of specialist engineers who use a variety of network monitoring tools and security systems to give you peace of mind.









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