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You Want to Download a Dating App, what should you look for?

After the emergence of Tinder, the dating app world entered a booming era, where new apps were debuting almost every week. With thousands of available via the Apple App and Google Play stores, people looking to find a date through a dating platform have ample choices at their fingertips. With that many options, people have to narrow their search substantially, because looking through all of these applications can become overwhelming. So you have decided to download a dating app, what should you look for to narrow your search and give you a better chance to find a quality date.

These are some steps to follow that will help you in shrinking the pool of choices:

  1. Purpose:  The purpose of the app should be the first thought that crosses your mind during your search. When you look at apps like Tinder or Grindr, they are primarily known as hook up apps, used to meet someone and have sex with your match as quickly as possible. Apps like Hinge have positioned themselves as the relationship app, even having commercials stating they are an app designed to delete after finding love on their platform. Then there are the extremely niche apps, who are going for specific clientele. For example, Dil Mil is an application designed for people of South Asian descent. Christian Mingle is an application that seeks to connect people who share the same religious beliefs for dating opportunities. Farmers Only was created for farmers to meet and form meaningful relationships. With all of these options available to you, finding what purpose the app serves will allow you to have a better experience when deciding on which one to download.

  2. Features: When you have locked in on the purpose you want from the app you want to download, now is the time to research the different features the apps offer. Some of the baseline features are similar because of the sheer number of apps available, such as swiping to distinguish between who you want to match with, messaging, and notifications. What separates all these apps from their counterparts are their exclusive features that you’ll usually only find on their platforms. Bumble only allows women to initiate conversations, so if you match, a woman has to be the one to break the ice unless a chat can’t begin. Kaimzz sets up your first date for you, working in conjunction with local coffee shops to provide users with their first date destination, to remove the thought of where to meet. Tinder created an interactive series called Swipe Night. It simulated a choose your own adventure story for users to have something else to do in the app and connect with other users who were participating. These features add immensely to the user experience, giving users something more to look forward to besides just swiping and looking through hundreds of profiles.

  3. Paid features:  eOn top of the exclusive application features, apps also have paid features, which enhance the chance to be noticed by your love interests. As some users have multiple people who have swiped on them (liked them), having a paid account gives you a chance to jump the line, go to the top of their match list, so that you can se before others. Unlocking paid features can also give users unlimited swipes per day, more restrictions/deal-breakers to filter potential matches, or become a featured profile that exposes you to more users for a chance of matching with someone. With payment choices of monthly subscriptions to one time purchases for tickets to unlock features, paying for exclusive access is another way to get the most out of these applications.

When you go to the Apple or Google Play stores, think about these three steps before you download your first app for dating. After you read through their description, reading reviews, and doing your own research based on these three steps, I believe you’ll be in the right place to choose which is the best app for you. There may be a few that fit your criteria, so don’t hesitate to try a few and see which works best for you. But because of the number of apps available, take your time and pick which ones will be best suited for your needs. Dating can be fun and online dating can be amazing if done right and that starts with choosing the right app.

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