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Why students prefer engineering after 12th class?

One of the important stages of student life is after 12 class, at that time students have to take decision for their future. After 12th students have many options to choose of their choice.

Choosing engineering is a common option which most of the students select to make their career. The JEE and NEET are the first choice of students for competition exam. If students search for career options after 12th, then engineering is on top.

As per my opinion this field has several advantages for career purpose. When students select engineering field, then there are different streams like software engineering courses, civil engineering courses, mechanical engineering, electronic and electrical engineering. The main reason students select this option is high paid job.

Students who want to make their career in engineering have to choose best engineering college and one important point to choose is stream as per their interest. There are several top engineering colleges in Ghaziabad or Delhi NCR which offers best education with campus placement.

Points candidates have to keep in mind while going to select Colleges

1.      Prefer stream greater than college name or brand
Its very common mistake done by students that is college selection is based on name or brand. And later most of students regret from their career choice. So, to avoid such type of situation students have to decide which specialization would be better in terms of education quality and their interest.

2.      Placement Track Record of College
Each college promises to provide 100% Placement, because the main aim of colleges is to student seeking admissions. But we all know that its not true, even the to engineering colleges can not offers 100% Placement. So, first of all check about tie-ups of college with the industry. If it has strong tie-ups than definitely it provides placement opportunities.

And other main points are like faculty expertise offered by college, infrastructure, degree offered, location, cost, scholarship, campus resources, internship, quality, class size etc.

Advantages of Engineering

For admission in engineering colleges students has to appear entrance exam like JEE. With engineering degree candidates have job satisfaction, financial security and different career opportunities. Engineering education helps students to improve their creative thinking, intellectual development and professional environment.

1.      Job Satisfaction

 If we talk about job satisfaction, then engineering education can provide job with fully satisfaction in the field of your choice. Engineering jobs are highly paid job in all countries. We all know that engineering is always on top. Job security of an engineering students is higher in comparison to other courses. Growth opportunity is also higher or engineering candidates.

2.      Career Opportunities
An engineering degree offers a large variety of career opportunities. Engineering offers financial security, job security, high paid salary, good appraisal. Career of engineering is full of challenging task. According to most of the engineer, engineering includes challenging lifeline which forces engineers to work better and think harder.

3.      Professional Environment
After engineering courses, students have ability to work in professional environment with respect. There is option to learn and grow on daily basis by job training and formal training.

4.      Intellectual Development
Engineering education has capability to exercise your brain and helps to develop your logical thinking. These skills help you throughout your life, not only when you working on engineering problems.

Engineering has a wide range of advantages; we all can say than engineering is one of the best options after 12th class.


Students have to select career options according to their interest. Engineering as a career is highly demanding to attract students after class 12. At current time, there are top 20 engineering colleges in Ghaziabad which offers b tech in different stream. So, once your decision for course selection is made up, then the choice of best engineering college to make your successful career is also important.

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