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Why is MOT Testing in Dorchester Important that Car Mechanics Should Take Care of?

If you are a vehicle owner, you must know the importance of MOT testing for your car.

This examination is a legal requirement that all vehicles must pass to run on the streets. Once a car owner clears the test, he/she receives an MOT certificate that ensures the vehicle is roadworthy.

The MOT test came into existence during the 1960s and as times passed, the govt. Has understood the importance of the test and made it mandatory for all vehicles. It all started with a simple tyre check and now the MOT test involves a lot of complex checks and procedures like suspension check, bodywork examination, brake check and many more intricate checks. Passing the test ensures that your rides are safe and you don’t risk yourself or the vehicle or the pedestrians.

A long list of car garage in Dorchester are fit to perform MOT testing. Before taking your vehicle to an MOT centre for the checks, make sure the place is DVSA approved. A non-DVSA certified centre makes the MOT test invalid. Therefore only work with an authorised garage.

There are Government websites that let you check whether a vehicle is an MOT certified or not. Just enter the vehicle registration number on the website and you can access the details. A vehicle that has been bought at least three years ago must go through an MOT test. Don’t make the mistake of driving a non-MOT authorised vehicle that can lead to a fine of £1000. So keep a note of your MOT dates beforehand to prevent such monetary losses. 

How to Book an MOT test?

It is crucial that you book your MOT test in advance. Don’t wait for the exact date as per your record. This can delay the test and your driving experience will be hampered. Most MOT tests usually last around an hour based on the model of the vehicle and its performance. 

In case if you fail the test, take care of the necessary steps to correct it in future. An MOT test also helps you get an idea of the necessary repairs that a vehicle needs.   

Let’s explore the segments that an MOT test covers:



Seat belts


Signalling section



Body structure

Drivers Road Views

These test checks ensure all crucial car components are in their best condition. Keep your family and pedestrians safe by taking care of the vehicle functionality.

Are MOT and Servicing the Same?

As the MOT test takes care of different car components, many confuse this examination with simple servicing. However, you must remember that these two are completely different and come with separate requirements. An MOT test is a visual check that a vehicle must pass otherwise it will be considered unsafe to run on roads. Car servicing is not mandated by the Government and it mainly depends on the car manufacturer. This is more specific and involves an in-depth checking procedure. A car servicing also includes checks on engine coolant, oil levels or brake fluid - the parts that do not immediately affect your vehicle performance. But can worsen with time.

 The Reasons Behind a Failed MOT Test are listed below:


Dirty or cluttered vehicle

Windscreen stickers that block driver’s view

Lit-up warning light

An issue with the Registration number  

Untopped screen wash

Is there a section or sections that MOT does not include?

It may seem that the MOT testing involves almost all aspects of a vehicle but it’s not true. An MOT test does not check clutch systems, engine or gearbox. However, that does not let you run your car with a completely worn out engine or clutch system. They still need to be in a good condition that won’t compromise with your safety or the safety of the pedestrians. If the car mechanics during an MOT testing notice that your vehicle struggles to even reach the inspection ramp, then it’s a straight away failed test.   

Is the MOT test costly?

The Government has fixed an amount for an MOT test. You may come across ‘special deals’ offered by garage services in Dorchester but a car garage cannot charge more than £54.85 as this is the highest charge that an MOT centre can ask for. 

However, if a vehicle fails to pass the test right away, the car owner can schedule a retest at the same centre which also minimises the cost. 

A failed MOT test restricts your freedom of driving your vehicle. So completing the test and earning the valid certificate is crucial.

Choose the right MOT testing centre without delay!

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