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Why Get Home Security Cameras?

Home security cameras monitor your property from both the inside and the outside, acting as an extra pair of eyes and ears.

What Are the Benefits of Home Security Cameras?

Whether you opt to install wired or wireless security cameras, one of the key advantage is peace of mind. They can improve your home security by allowing you to check in on your property from anywhere, view a live feed of your home on your smartphone or computer, and receive instant notifications if there is no strange behavior.

While the number of burglaries in the United States has recently decreased, the value of the stolen property has soared. According to these findings, even though burglary rates are declining, more valuable objects are being stolen. As a result, home security cameras are a crucial part of our home security arsenal, as they can assist with both detection and recovery.

Criminals are well aware that security cameras are an effective deterrent. According to the experts we spoke with, relying just on cameras for security is ineffective, and that a comprehensive home security system is the greatest defense.

This is supported by research. Most thieves consider indicators of heightened security, such as exterior surveillance cameras, when selecting a target, according to research from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte's Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology of jailed criminals. Home security cameras are important not only for policing your property but also for keeping a watch on your children and pets while you are not present. A security camera with facial recognition installed near your front door can send you a push notification that says, "John is at the front door," letting you know your child is safe. Indoor cameras with two-way audio can be used as an intercom, allowing you to see and talk to your family even when you're not at home.

Are Home Security Cameras Good for Home Protection?

A home security camera system is a great way to defend your house and may be used as a deterrent as well as a recovery tool. Burglars are afraid of homes that have security cameras visible. Furthermore, if a crime occurs, security cameras can aid in the gathering of evidence. If you capture the activity on camera, you're more likely to be able to fix it, whether it's property damage or identifying thieves who break in.

It's worth investing in a camera with super or ultra-high resolution video if you want to be able to recognize automobiles, people, and other moving objects (2Kor 4K, respectively). Because this technique makes use of more pixels in the image, you can zoom in to view more information on license plates and detect more physical features. That kind of clarity is impossible to get with an HD or full HD camera, especially at night.

In the end, home security cameras are most effective at protecting your house when they're linked to a home security system. Wireless security cameras only start recording when they detect motion to save their batteries, which means they may not record everything you want. Cameras can be set to start recording as soon as any portion of the security system is triggered, such as a contact sensor, a glass-break sensor, or a motion sensor, using a home security system. This increases the likelihood that the cameras will record everything that occurs on your property, rather than simply the few seconds of motion right in front of them.

What Are the Most Important Home Security Camera Features?

To begin, choose whether you want your home security camera to record footage continuously or only when a trigger, such as motion, is detected. Continuous recording ensures that nothing is missed, but it consumes a lot of Wi-Fi bandwidth and isn't suited for battery-powered wire-free cameras. The footage should be saved on the camera or on a cloud-based server that you may access for a set amount of time. The camera should also send a notification to your smartphone or tablet when motion is detected, and it should offer clear, high-quality video of the event instantly.

Another important feature of a security camera is its power supply. When purchasing a wireless camera, seek one that is battery or AC-powered (which means it plugs into a wall outlet). Although AC power is preferred, it is not always accessible where a camera is to be installed. As a result, the ability to employ both gives you the most positioning options.

Other important features include:

·        Unless you have a lot of motion-activated outside lighting installed, you'll need night vision to see what happens when the sun goes down.

·        You can hear and speak to whoever is on your property thanks to two-way audio.

·        Additional deterrents include a built-in siren and/or a floodlight.

·        An easy-to-use smartphone application

What Are Less Important Home Security Camera Features?

Continuous video recording, often known as 24-hour video recording, is a luxury that you probably don't require. You can omit this function unless you want to record every moment of the day on your property, which can be costly on wireless cameras and consumes a lot of Wi-Fi bandwidth and internet traffic.

A very broad field of view, which can distort the image, is another feature you probably don't need. A field of view of 130 degrees is usually sufficient.

Finally, new Wi-Fi security cameras come with a variety of smart capabilities that allow you to get more specific information about what's going on in your home without having to view the video feed. These software-based capabilities usually raise the camera's price and aren't necessary, though they're pleasant to have. They have capabilities like person detection, which allows the camera to notify you that someone is on your property rather than just alerting you that motion was detected. Because you may specify activity zones, the camera will only alert you to motion in a specific area of the image (ignoring, for example, a tree that frequently blows in the wind). Other smart features that are excellent to have included the ability to work with smart home systems like Amazon's Alexa. To integrate with smart door locks to enable secure in-home deliveries, Google's Assistant and Apple's HomeKit will be used.

What Are the Privacy Concerns of Home Security Cameras?

Cameras can capture video continuously or when motion is detected, such as when you or someone else enters your garden or passes past your video doorbell. Before you install cameras in and around your home, be sure that everyone in your family is aware of their presence and is comfortable with them. Your footage can be monitored or even released on the internet if your cameras are hacked.

We strongly advise you to use any built-in privacy options provided by the camera. Cameras, for example, can be switched off via a mobile app, or geofencing technology can turn them off automatically when a member of your family with a smartphone enters the house.

What Are Some Uses of Home Security Cameras Besides Preventing Burglary?

Today's home security cameras are multipurpose, and they can be used for much more than just keeping an eye on intruders on your property. Here are a few more applications for home security cameras:

Monitor the baby: Install an indoor camera in your baby's room and see a live feed from anywhere with an internet connection. You'll need a camera that can record continuously and be plugged in, but as long as it has two-way audio and can deliver sound or motion alerts, it'll serve as a dependable monitor.

Pet Cam: Keep a watch on your dogs, cats, chicken coop, or rabbit hutch with an inside or outdoor camera. Some cameras can detect the sound of a dog barking and allow you to communicate with your pet via a two-way speak feature.

Wildlife Cam: Keep a watch on destructive deer or predatory raccoons with a battery-powered camera with night vision capabilities at the end of your garden, or enjoy the sights and sounds of nighttime wildlife on your property.

Smart Home Trigger: If you have other smart home gadgets in your house, you can link your camera to them so that they respond automatically. If a motion sensor on an exterior camera detects motion in your driveway as you arrive home, it might switch smart lights on inside.

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