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Who Regulates Company Registration in India?

Who Regulates Company Registration in India?

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs offers a wholly online process to help you register the type of companies mentioned above. However, documentation requirements can be complex. Your decision at this stage will also affect how much tax and what kinds of filings and audits you will need to legally perform each year.

Apart from registering your company in India, you also have the option of setting up:

A Liaison Office

To collect information, promote imports and exports, or facilitate technical or financial collaboration.

A Branch Office

To provide professional or consultancy services, perform research, develop IT products and services for the parent company, act as buying/selling agent, etc.

A Project Office

To execute specific projects in India. A PO cannot undertake any other activity apart from activities that are related and incidental to the specific project.

A Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

This company form is relatively simpler to set up than a full-fledged company, requiring at least 2 partners and 2 designated partners, one of whom must be a resident Indian. However, your liability is limited by the number of shares in the LLP you own.

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