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What Makes the 5G Cloud-Native Software Provider The Absolute Option

Cloud-ready 5G core built for the enterprise, MVNOs 

Enabling cost-effective deployment of a high-performance, end-to-end, private 5G network for enterprises and communities

We provide a secure 5G overlay for bringing edge intelligence to the existing enterprise networks.
+ Deploy 5G Core with ease
+ Secure backhaul connectivity
+ Designed to scale on-demand
+ Remote management and automated network orchestration
+ Management of the data synchronization between edge and central locations

Then why a 5G network

+ Existing wireless broadband network choices include:
+ WiFi - designed for basic internet access and small deployments that don’t scale up.
+ Public cellular networks with high quality at national scale that don’t scale down.
+ No optimal solution for business-critical networks and larger networks from tens of thousands of square feet to many square miles – warehouses, factories, airports, hospitals, schools, smart buildings and venues.
+ There is a need to augment existing networks that provide the reliability and coverage of public cellular with the simplicity and affordability of WiFi.
+ Can be deployed in free CBRS spectrum like WiFi.
+ 5G software based network enables much faster and economically viable customized network realization.

The Products.

All in One 5G Core
Cost-effective all-in-one 5G core for light users
Configure your gNB details and it's ready to go
Flexible monthly/yearly billing cycle
Easily replicate all-in-one instances from the existing setup

Distributed 5G Core
Fully functional 5G core distributed in the cloud for heavy, enterprise use
Flexibility to add additional nodes as demand grows
Flexible early billing plan (minimum 6-month commitment needed)
Full control of deployed nodes in the cloud

Local Edge Deployment

Single Site

Multi Site

5G software


Our Cloud 5G Software platform enables cost-effective deployment of a high performance end-to-end public and private 5G network for service providers, enterprises and communities. Get More Details:

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