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What kind of diet do F1 Savannah cats eat?

F1 Savannah need a raw diet chiefly comprising raw poultry and some raw ground beef. They're not feed any uncooked meat with bones till 1 year old. There are a few specific canned foods available such as Zupreme to supplement their daily diet.

What's an ethical breeder?

Ethical breeders will make you feel comfortable on the phone for almost a hour. They'll guarantee you how they increase their kittens and speak to you about stage two. Good breeders do not require a deposit whenever they chose you for the house because of their kitty, the waiting list for real F1s is long.

How can you raise them? Do Savannah cats perform well with puppies?

Our F1 savannah kittens are raised n our homes by our staff of over 20 caretakers and puppies. We don't cage our breeding animals their entire lives. We've got regular swim days and walking paths with our larger cats. F1 Savannah cats can love dogs as if they were among their own. All our kittens are raised n our homes by our staff of more than 20 caretakers. We do not cage our breeding creatures their whole lives. We have regular swim days and walking paths with our bigger cats.

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