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What is the Best Height for Security Camera Installation?

The security camera installation helps protect the property from intruders and offers numerous other benefits. But it is essential that the placement of the camera is in the right position to capture every minor detail. You can look for security camera installers near me to guarantee the installation process is smooth and offers you quality results. In addition to this, here are the details you must be aware of. 

Where should the camera be installed?

An appropriate height for the installation of the surveillance camera is 7 to 8 feet from the ground. It is above the reach of a potential robber but is close enough to capture valuable information and the visitors’ faces. You can get certain advantages by installing the camera at a higher spot which will capture a bigger area and offer a better view of the property.

Some cameras that have a long focal will greatly benefit from the installation at such height as a lens will be able to pick up the images even from a long distance. 

Importance of proper camera installation

CCTV cameras are installed to improve the security of the property. This means it must not be installed just at any random spot, but the positioning must be done right for proper results. Here is the importance of right positioning.

  • A lower mounted camera is vulnerable to vandalism. In fact, it can easily be targeted by the thieves

  • The camera installation must be at the appropriate height to guarantee better view angles and a wider picture of the area

  • CCTV camera comes with certain IR eliminating distance that greatly affects the proficient in monitoring the surrounding

  • With too high installation, one cannot expect to get proper videos or images at night

  • No doubt the optical zoom has improved a lot over the years, but it is essential that the camera is installed at the right distance to guarantee the footage is clear.

Get professional help

Given the importance of proper CCTV camera installation, you must look for a security cameras installer near me and hire a good company for the job. It is the expert professionals who will help you install the camera well and guarantee proper safety. You can contact Use the Cam for proper assistance. They have skilled experts who will guarantee the installation is done with precision. In addition to this, they will also advise you about the right system for your property and other measures you need to take to keep up with the safety of your camera.

Use That Cam


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