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What Is An Old Mine Cut Diamonds?


    Introduction Of Old-Mine Cut Diamonds

    Antique-cut diamonds were utilized for fashionable jewelry in ancient times before the Modern Brilliant Cut was established in the late 1700s. There are two varieties of Antique Cut Diamonds utilized for beautiful jewelry: the first is Old Mine Cut Diamonds, and the second is Old European Cut Diamonds.

    Brief Description Of Old-Mine Cut Diamonds

    Without significant polishing equipment, the diamond may lose its radiance. However, Old Mine Cut Diamonds have little possibility of losing their bright natural look. As a result, Old Mine Cut Diamonds are still a popular option among antique diamond collectors, and they are also well-known among our younger generation.

    An Old Mine Cut Diamond has a squarish shape similar to a princess cut diamond, yet it is not a princess cut diamond. Facets in Old Mine Cut Diamonds are set with the highest artistry without the use of advanced technologies. As a result, Old Mine Cut Diamonds are preferred over Old European Cut Diamonds for antique and vintage style jewelry, such as the Old Mine Cushion Cut Diamond Ring.

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