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What Information Does a WordPress Theme Detector Reveal?

Millions of businesses worldwide use WordPress to showcase their content. Often, when you come across a specific website, it might appeal to you, and you may want to know more about the theme. In such cases, you can make use of a WordPress theme detector. These are digital tools that allow a WordPress website owner to identify the theme that a particular website uses. The theme detectors are specifically for WordPress websites. Through them, you can identify the theme or plugin utilized in a site and get data related to it, like the theme price, version, plugin version, vendor name and much more.


How to Identify WordPress Themes and Plugins?


When a person looks at a WordPress-hosted site and likes it, they inevitably wonder about the themes and plugins it uses. Knowing about the particular WordPress theme and plugins that a specific site uses are all you are required to know to get a site like that for yourself.

There are numerous ways you can identify WordPress plugins and themes. In a WordPress site, there is something called a realized design. When you realize what you want to search for well before time, you can indeed save a lot of your time. If you search for something like /wp-content/themes/themename/style.css?ver=123, you’ll notice a unique WordPress form inside the record. It will tell you about the name of the theme and the name of the parent theme, labels, and so much more.


 What Are Some of the Best WordPress Theme Detectors?


There are various WordPress theme detectors that you can use and get all the details about a specific theme and plugins that a website uses. The best ones are mentioned below.


WP Theme Detector

It is a very popular and free tool through which you can identify the target website theme. Just paste the URL of that website in the tool, and you will get all the needed details. Here are the different kinds of information that you can get by using it.


·        Website age

·        Plugins used

·        The popularity of the website

·        Theme modifications

·        Child theme


Built With

Apart from being a WP theme detector, it also functions as a tool for website analysis. Some plugin and theme-related information that you can get with this detector is as follows:

·        Information about keywords

·        Information about widgets.

·        Information about plugins.

·        Information about social media tools.

·        Retail reports.


Scan WP

The tool offers comprehensive information about a specific website. You’ll receive information about the whole plugin lineup and also the percentage of sites that run a particular plugin. It also shows recent traffic and keywords as well. You can extract the following information.

·        Theme cost

·        Theme’s screenshot

·        Theme and plugin version

·        Vendor name


What WordPress Theme Is That

·        This online tool rapidly detects the theme of a WordPress website. Apart from that, it also gives the user other useful data about the website, like

·        Theme version

·        Child theme

·        Plugins

·        Theme author


Codeinwp Theme Detector

It is another great theme detector that gives you information about the site theme. You can extract the following data.

·        Theme author

·        URL of the theme

·        Author URL

·        Tags

·        Licence

·        Description of the theme


Final Words

After knowing the information about the plugins and themes that a WordPress theme detector provides you, you can easily create a great site for yourself. You don’t have to see the services of a website designer. Explore the various theme detectors mentioned above and choose one that suits your needs the best.

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