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What Does Your Check Engine Light Mean?

Your vehicle engine encounters various malfunctions while driving. Sometimes it could appear as a loose gas cap or sometimes it could be seen as a catalytic converter malfunction. Such technical problems generally require a visit to the workshop. Only an experienced technician can tell you about the problem.


The check engine light signifies that there is something wrong with the car’s internal design or configuration. The check engine light alerts you by providing warning lights while driving. Minor glitches can be resolved easily but in case of a major fault, a technician may suggest you replace the entire unit with a used automobile engine to save plenty of dollars. Let’s read about the check engine light.


What does it mean?


The check engine light is popularly known as (Malfunction Indicator Light). It is an indication from the car’s internal computer that there is something wrong under the hood. Whenever you start the engine, the Engine Computer Unit (ECU) runs across the powertrain to make sure that everything is running in a proper condition. If you see any pop-up in your car means somewhere your car’s engine is struggling to work smoothly while running.


In this situation, immediately stop your car at a safe place. driving continuously can cause serious damage to the car’s engine. You can also tow your car and get it checked by an expert mechanic. Besides, you can opt for replacing your car's engine with a cheap used car engine if the mechanic suggests.


What are the Causes of the check engine light (CEL)?



Catalytic Converter Malfunction- The catalytic converter malfunction can be a big stress to fix. This essential emissions system can reduce miles per gallon and drive up your fuel consumption as it progressively loses efficacy and impacts your engine’s power production. But when you follow regular maintenance, there is very little chance of the engine malfunctioning. However damaged catalytic converter needs an instant replacement, and it could cost you between 80-90$.



A loose gas cap- It is considered a minor malfunction but can poorly affect the performance of a car. It can also decrease the mileage of the engine. So, if you see any kind of blinking light, check whether it is due to the loose gas cap or something else. For a systematic check-up, visit your local workshop.



Mass Airflow Sensor Defect- Mass airflow sensors help you determine the quantity of air that is required to work the engine smoothly. When you don’t change the air filter after a certain time, your car's engine starts idling and showing decreased efficiency. However, the situation becomes serious when your mass airflow sensor gets stopped. In this case, replacing engine parts is a costly affair so you are suggested to look for used auto engines for sale in the entire USA.




Sometimes emergency situations can be tackled easily when you find a check engine light. You can continue driving your car, but not for a longer duration. Here, we have explained the common cause of the check engine light defaults. If you trigger any of this in your car, please consult quickly with your local mechanic.

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