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What Are The Drawbacks Of Progressive Web Applications?

Progressive web applications are a popular platform and help to expedite your web page loading time; it perfectly meets the growing demands of modern web applications users. In this blog, we're going to explain what are the drawbacks of progressive web applications? 

It doesn't matter whether it is a progressive app or a native app; the primary goal of business organizations is to reach as many users as possible. After the pandemic, businesses have become more selective in choosing mobile applications and websites. PWA's help to speed up the website and make them efficient to provide a better user experience.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Progressive Web Application?

Let's dive into the advantages and disadvantages of PWAs:


  • PWAs are cheaper: In PWAs, content needs to be produced once; this feature saves time and money compared to creating it separately for each platform like Android, iOS, and Windows. Another best thing is that users don't have to update these applications regularly and download the information. This makes PWAs attractive and easy to use.

  • Offline mode: These applications can be used even when you are offline. This feature is great for many businesses because it allows their customers to engage with their product even when not connected to the internet; it can lead to more engagement and increase the ROI of the business.

  • Improved performance: Most users leave the site if it takes more time to load or hang during the use; users expect a fast and better experience with an attractive interface. PWA offers better performance by utilizing services and controls the caching of assets.

  • Not dependent on app stores: You can find these progressive web applications through search engines, social media channels, home pages, or other platforms. You don't have to depend on the app store to download the application. But yes, the app store indeed has its advantage; it can reach a vast audience.  

  • Engage with users: PWAs are fast and handy, simple navigation, add to home screen button, easy access to smartphone features, and many more. It also offers to engage your mobile users on the web.


  • No app store access: PWAs have no access to the app store; it is difficult to find these applications because they are visible only on well-known platforms. So this is the disadvantage that you can not use this springboard. Apple doesn't allow PWAs to access many essential features.

  • Can't perform every feature: It is true that PWAs are effective as compared to traditional apps but, they can't do everything as a mobile app can do. Because they are based on JavaScript, their battery life is not efficient, and performance is also slow compared to native apps.

  • No business model creativity: One of the most challenging facts is that there is no revenue model or advertising opportunities for PWAs. There are very few options as compared to native apps. 


Now, you have got the perfect idea about the drawbacks of progressive web applications. PWAs help businesses to increase their conversion rate and website traffic. Everything has pros and cons; it depends on your needs and requirements in choosing the correct application. I hope it'll be helpful for you. Please share your views in the comments.

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