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UI/UX Design Software for web and mobile Application

UI/UX Design Software for web and mobile Application

Powerful UI/UX design software is the key to gain sales & higher user adoption We create impactful, harmonious and memorable branding experiences with a ‘people first’ approach, we are experts in Experience Design, Research, & User Interface Design Software. We in Techno Ways discover the why and how behind customer’s behaviors and integrate them into our various solutions and use the best software for UI UX design 

UI - UX  And Its Relation with IOT: 

UI/UX design software has a strong relation with internet of thing IOT.

User need a way to view and understand the data captured by IOT. That’s where the user interface comes in. In the simplest a user intrface (UI for short) is the means by which a user and computer system interact. Many think of UIs as just software or apps on

phone and computers, but a user interface could be anything from smartwatch to voice-

controlled Amazon Echo to the buttons on a smart factor dashboard.

What is UX Design Software Process?

    1. Planning

    The UX design process starts with an agreed plan of action to ensure all stakeholders are heading in the same direction, and that it makes sense.

    Have a project kickoff meeting with the whole team together, and the following agenda:

    • Brainstorm the concept and purpose of the product, and create a value proposition to clarify how your product adds value. Identify how it solves user problems, what the user benefits are, unique selling points, and competitive advantages.
    • 2. Research:

      It’s critical to get input from potential users at every stage to build a product that those users actually want. Otherwise, you’re working off assumptions, which could lead to poor market fit—not addressing a real user problem, or solving it in the wrong way.

      Before diving into creating any designs, start by researching the pain points of your users. This will help you understand the goals of your users and how the product can best address them through new or existing solutions.

      3. Design:

      Now you can start investing more time into the design phase. There are several key stages to this, including:

      Like: sketching – wireframing – Defining the AI – Mapping the user flow ….and more.

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