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True love story matched by the zodiac signs

This is a true story of lyn and david who loved each other at work place for 2 long years and wanted to marry each other. Though david's family  accepted their proposed marriage. Lyn family had some reservations in the beginning but later they too agree.

On planning for the wedding, lyn faced with multiple hurdles in the process.  She though believed in her true love and honest love, had a suspicion why such hurdle takes place for every plan for marriage.  David never had any such issue as he never planned, as he was a easy going guy.

at that point of time Lyn had send an online question about her compatibility with david to the website on horoscope compatibility  to just check if they were compatible partners.

when the report was sent to lyn, it was a shocker for lyn as all these days using chinese astrology she thaught it was a good match, but when the analysis she got from the website gave compatibility report based upon sun signs, both were not a perfect match. 

Lyn discussed this with david and they again wrote to the website where they got compatibility report to give a solution for this.  The website gave some parikarams (or) remedy (thing to do to overcome problems) but which was based upon Indian astrology. 

Still both of them did those parikarams as suggested by the website service and till now they are living a happy married life. (nearly 3 years ago)

they have sent us a thankyou mail just now, so want to share it here

If anyone notice, the 3 branches of astrology (chinese, western, indian) has been 

studied, a remedy which worked for them.   Amazing star science.

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