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Tree Surgery Services in Northumberland VS. Arborist - Whom to Choose?

The confusion between a tree surgeon and arborist is still existent.

Many often use them interchangeably. Without understanding the meaning of “arborist”, you cannot decide what his job is. However, when it comes to “tree surgeon”, deciphering the meaning becomes a lot simpler as it can be understood that he does something related to trees.

However, both of them work to take care of the tree. People who work with trees know well what an arborist does and a tree surgeon does. Though both of them are into arboriculture, the intensity of their involvement is different. But that does not prevent tree surgeon services in Northumberland to flourish and become popular.  

Let’s simplify the difference between people who perform tree surgery and an arborist. The previous one can be called a medical surgeon whereas the latter one is similar to a doctor. They are similar yet different at the same time.

Here is a definition of the both:

The Tree Surgeon

Tree surgeon services take care of tree work involving tree removal, tree felling and pruning. Performing these tasks are not the work of a random so-called professional who just owns a saw. You need to have a degree or experience in handling tree work. Do you trust a random person to perform an operation on you? It’s the same with tree surgeons.

Tree surgery is no easy task. It needs support of certified tree surgeon services to perform the difficult tasks that are not always easy and smooth. To do the job accurately, professionalism of the experts and proper care is necessary. Example: tree felling needs precision to make the tree drop at the side that you want. It’s not possible to do the work right if the professional is not at all experienced. Things can go wrong at any time of the day. A single wrong move can destroy the surroundings of the tree that is about to fall. 

To perform these tasks perfectly, the expert requires controlled movements as per the situation. Directing a falling tree to the direction you want is only possible when an experienced specialist handles the job. Even a single branch removal needs control when the surroundings don’t support it. There can be structures that are non-removalble. So, being considerate of the surroundings is crucial for safe and secured tree surgeon services inNorthumberland.

Handling a dead tree is not a child’s play. Its removal takes a lot of effort and planning that you can only expect during tree surgery.

The Arborist

An arborist is a doctor of trees who identifies diseases that a tree is suffering from and as per the diagnosis refers to the surgeon. This specialist maintains the ecological balance by protecting the greenery from harmful illness. They make the enviornment lush and green. Gardeners or forestry agencies cannot pinpoint certain conditions in trees as they are not as experienced in this department as an arborist.

This particular expert is well-versed with different tree conditions and can detect them following a thorough diagnosis process. The right detection allows the trees to thrive and exist in a harmonious way.

Arborists do not remain limited to just disease detection but also take into consideration the soil type and other environmental effects that play crucial roles in maintaining the health of the trees.

To be a professional arborist, one needs to earn a 3 years full-time degree in it. One can only perform as a specialist arborist once the professional qualification has been earned. These professionals ensure the environment remains clutterfree, clean and uncomplicated.

These experts do the most jobs on roads. They maintain the neat and trimmed look on highways by keeping the sidelines mowed. Arborists play an integral role in society. The roads and sidewalks remain clean and neat only with the involvement of this specialist. The essential tree work an arborist performs is no less important than other service providers. From maintaining electric line clearance to keeping the pests and insects away - they are equipped with the right tools to handle all these tasks.


Whom to choose to take care of your tree work depends on the situation. Each tree condition requires assistance from a different professional. However, there are situations when both need to be involved. Let them work in harmony to let the green lives around you thrive and revive.


Whichever specialist youm go for, choose the one who works in the field where you need support. Selecting qualified tree surgeon services in Northumberland for a smooth tree surgery and tree work ensures you get what you pay for.


No need to spend sleepless nights over the scene of dying trees. Just consult the specialist and you are good to go. The right help is right in front of you!

Jamie Thomas


I deal with small UK businesses to help small business owners with right information.

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