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Importance of Professional Transcription Services

s can serve as an excellent method for qualitative research and can be applied in various fields – from human resources to health care, jurisprudence to job hiring. s are pretty effective in providing raw information about qualities, behaviors, preferences, sentiments, attitudes, and knowledge about a specific subject at hand from an assembly of people. An can take various forms and is also used for qualitative research. Focused group discussions (FGDs), jobs, police interrogations, and medical telephonic s are all forms of s used towards various end goals.

Owing to the importance of s, one cannot undermine the transcripts that are generated from the recording. Proper transcription leads to the proper result – better recordkeeping, content generation, and promotion. There are two different methods of how the end transcript for the  might look like:

  1. Literal – This type of transcription is also known as verbatim transcription, this records transcription word for word. It records every false start, lapse, stutter, pause, sneezes, yawn, and interjections. This form of transcription may be especially useful for police and legal transcription because it is very useful before and during the process of litigation. 

  2. Synopsis – This form of transcription is also known as edited or intelligent transcription. A synopsis brings together the essence contained in the documented and records containing the relevant information. This form of transcription is used in a job application, or research transcription services, or radio broadcasting and news. This type of transcription requires a proficient transcriber so as not to miss out on central information.
Types of Transcription Services:

      Polices – including interrogations, accidents, arrests, and radio communications

      Dissertation – s aimed at research

      Focused group discussions


      Legal transcription – including hearings, dispositions, conferences

      Radio transcription

      News transcription

      Telephone transcription

      Market research transcription

      One on one transcription


Online transcription services help with:

  1. Accuracy – By ensuring transcriptions are provided by expert transcribers. Just specify your needs (literal or synopsis) and begin transcribing.

  2. Language support – Since research can be a multi-lingual phenomenon, online transcription services provide the best language support for all your transcription.

  3. Cost – online transcription services provide the correct balance between cost and services.

  4. Confidentiality – confidential research – online transcription services got you covered. The process of NDA and end-to-end encryption ensure that your data and research work is secured.

  5. Turnaround time – since transcription can be performed remotely online, hour-long FGD s can be reduced into transcripts efficiently.


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