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Tips For Keeping Your Home Pest Free

Everyone faces a pest problem on-premises. Different types of pests can be tracked in residential areas, commercial complexes, offices, eateries, pantries, restaurants etc. These pests can cause serious infestations and allergens. When pests may take over your premises with their infestations then we all want to keep your home pest-free.

These unwanted guests are unpleasant and unhygienic. To keep your premises safe from pests, there are lots of methods and procedures for pest control Canberra. Keeping your home pest-free is a priority that includes cleaning storage, dust-free interiors and hygiene shelves or pantries. Pests may attack your closets, pantries, kitchen, wardrobes etc. Following the below-mentioned tips helps you to keep away from pests on your premises.

Easy to Follow Tips For Keeping Your Home Pest Free

Lots of natural tips and mixtures can be used to avoid pests infestation. Moreover, always keep in mind that a small particle of food and dust can invite pests. Wet areas also invite pests which may cause some serious damage. Check tips and tricks to keep pests away:

Interior Vacuum

Damp and dirt always attract pests in the house. Pests breed in damp and dirty areas like chimneys, below the bed, lawn, garbage bins etc. There is one simple way to get rid of pests is to vacuum the house and interior regularly.
Do not allow dust particles to stick to the surfaces of your house, furniture and interiors. Always keep your hard-reach area clean and tidy to avoid pest infestations.

Keep Clean Garbage Area

The trash bin is one of the common places which attracts pests for breeding and spreading diseases. We always use trash bins to dispose of our garbage waste. To avoid pests attacks we need to clean our trash bins regularly. You can also use some alcoholic sprayers to avoid infestations. 

Avoid Leakages

Damp walls and roofs are one of the major causes of pest infestation on-premises. Waterlogging in the lawn and leakages are also responsible for pests' attacks. To avoid or control pests we regularly check and avoid leakages. Outdoor sewerage pipes, Indoor sanitary pipes, Sanitary wares, Plumbing pipes etc. leakages can invite pests on-premises.

Clean Culinary Regularly

The culinary is the place where we found most of the pests crawling. Food particles, oil droplets, sugar etc. Attract ants and other pests as well. So, you have to clean our kitchen floors and shelves regularly. Kitchen counters and storages need to be clean, tidy and dry to avoid pests. Also, kitchen cabinets are also the favourite shelter place for pests to breed.

Fix The Crevice

Tiny holes and crevices in roofs and walls are the dark areas where pests can take shelter and breed easily. To avoid pests entering through such crevices and holes keep clean and fix crevices timely. So, sealing gaps with plaster and other substances may help you to keep your premises safe from pests attacks. 

Maintain Your Garden & Lawn

Pests also like to shelter themselves on plants and trees. Branches of such trees should be trimmed timely. So that pests cant take shelter in these trees and pests infestation should be avoided. Remove shredded leaves and branches from the lawn and garden, Maintain your garden and keep the garden area clean to avoid pests attacks.

How can you avoid Pest Infestations? 

  • Spraying a mixture of soap and water can be used to protect your premises from ants,

  • Put a few cloves of garlic in crevices of the wall it protects entering ants in such crevices,

  • Mint tea is also a perfect deterrent from pests. After finding the infestation place, spread crushed mint tea to obstruct the pest's entry,

  • Make your room properly ventilated and avoid dampness on the premises,

  • Use a mixture of vinegar and water to avoid pest infestation by wiping countertops, storage areas, wardrobes, pantry, eateries etc.

  • Cucumber slices and bay leaves can also be used as deterrents. It's a natural and non-toxic deterrent for pest control.

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