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TimeTrack - Attendance & Payroll application trusted by over 7000+ clients

·         We are specialists in Attendance & Leave Management software with over 15+ years of experience and with over 7000+ clients.

·         We add 100+ clients (big and small) every month with an extensive network of partners who sell and provide service to our software.

·         We provide immediate remote support for any issues

·         Many of our clients are with us for more than a decade.

·         We have clients all over the world, even in exotic locations such as Papua New Guinea, Curacao, Kingdom of Lesotho, Fiji etc and we provide best of support using our inbuilt remote utilities.

 TimeTrack –Attendance & Leave Management Application

 ·         Matured Attendance & Leave management software, fully parameterized and in continuous development for more than a decade.

·         A very user friendly GUI which can be used easily by Time Office personnel.

·          Desktop based Attendance & Leave Management System developed in VC++ and SQL Server.

·         Optional Web based Application for Department heads/ Employees for Attendance view, Leave Application etc.

·         All options are user definable and can be fine tuned to a greater degree. For example the 3rd late come after 5 minutes in a month can be penalized with 30 minutes of loss time for a particular group of employees.

·         All the routine jobs like downloading punches, processing, daily reports etc are automated.

·         A very capable reports menu which provide 100+ predefined reports in various formats, with inbuilt filter and sort options. 

·         A robust report planner that contains all the masters and calculated information which will satisfy your future needs to generate ad hoc reports. Emailing of user designed report / letters directly to employees from the software itself.

·         An SQL query planner to design and store complex queries which can generate the desired outputs.

·         Optional Payroll and

·         Various customizable outputs for your ERP/Payroll etc can be added either as a file or an automated direct database update.

·         Automated features

o   Auto download and process of punch information.

o   Auto Emailing of Daily and Shift Wise attendance and exception (late come / early go) reports to Shift In charge / Dept Heads / HR etc.

o   Auto email of daily consolidated reports to Department Heads / HR.

o   Auto email of monthly Attendance reports to all employees.

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