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Things to Consider Before Buying a Twin Bunk Bed

For kids or adults, designing a new space is a lot of fun. If you or your kids are sharing a room, then a bunk bed would be a piece of furniture that offers a comfortable sleep, a cozy place to dream, have ideas, and for kids to play cool games before going to sleep. Since our bedroom has a direct impact on our lives, it becomes more important to buy the best twin bunk beds to meet the needs of your family.

The Purpose and the Type of Bunk Beds

Without taking up much space, the primary purpose of a bunk bed is to provide sleeping space for two or more people. Therefore, if you are low on space or have a small room, you can simply choose a twin bunk bed over a traditional bed to save and add more storage. Moreover depending on your needs, weight capacity, and dimensions, you can get a twin over full bunk bed or full over full with extra guardrails and quality material to withstand years of use.

When we hear the term bunk beds, we immediately picture the standard style bunks as twin over twin bunk beds made of solid wood. But when you start to explore your options, you will come across bunk beds in a variety of styles and types, with different features like under-bed storage, a trundle bed, or sturdy bunk beds for adults. For instance, the standard bunk bed, also known as a twin bunk bed, consists of two beds stacked one on top of the other. These are great space savers. Even if you are redesigning a room for one child who loves to share a room with you or is always on the go for sleepovers then equipping the room with a twin bunk is an ideal way.

If, however, you have a lot of sleepovers or an older child who needs more space, you might want to consider a triple sleeper bunk bed with three twin or full-sized beds. Or if the bedroom is small, you might want a bunk bed with storage at the bottom and if you have a child who is getting older you will also need some space for a study area.

For simple lines and relaxed ornamentation, contemporary furniture is your answer. Usually, these are made of wood, with heavy architectural bolts and hidden structural screws to maximize the strength, safety, and stability of the bed. However, some of the examples available now are:

  1. Twin over twin bunk
  2. Twin over full bunk
  3. L-shaped twin over twin bed
  4. Full over full bed
  5. Full over twin bunk bed

    Not only are different bunk bed styles are available, but most manufacturers also give the option to customize. For instance, you can add a trundle bed under the bottom bunk or go for storage. This way, if needed your twin bunk beds with storage will only take up the space of a regular bunk bed because the trundle bed can be pushed back underneath when not in use.

    Guide to Buy The Right Twin Bunk Bed

1. The Available Room Space: No matter where you want to place the bunk bed in your bedroom, guest room, or any other room, you should measure the space available in that room. Depending on how many beds you will need or the layout design of the bunk beds, measurements need to be taken. If the room is smaller, you need to equip your room with bunk beds that have the top bed and bottom bed run parallel with each other for more floor space. On the contrary, if the room is larger then the style of the bunk bed does not matter, the choice is up to you on how much space you want to cover. Other things to include:

  • Make sure there is about two feet of space between the top bunk and the ceiling.
  • Choose a layout depending on the age so that child on the upper bunk can sit up easier.
  • Bunk beds in the corner of a room can add to the stability, but can still be placed on a single wall.

2. Narrow down your needs and purpose: Bunk beds can now serve more than just the purpose of sleeping. For instance, are you getting bunk beds to keep in the spare room, or will your children be sharing a room for the years to come? Wooden bunk beds would be best for a long-term solution as these tend to be heavier and sturdier once completely put together. Before you start checking the available bunk beds on the market, you must know your needs clearly. It includes the age group for which you need a bunk bed and also the number of adults or children using the twin bunk beds. Do you need larger steps or a bunk bed with a ladder work for you?

3. Storage and safety option: Two of the biggest options when choosing bunk beds are functionality and safety! Since modern homes have limited space, so you need to consider opting for bunk beds with storage options to help manage the overall space. The storage then can be used to offer a significant amount of space to store bed sheets, quilts, and your other essentials. Safe and sound sleep is one of the biggest concerns when choosing a bunk bed. You need to look out for manufacturers who produce bunk beds made out of solid wood and uses the strong component. Look for standards like bed rails, handrails, and wider staircase steps.

4. Twin Bunk Bed material: For a bed that won't deteriorate over time, you need to stick to sturdy and durable materials like solid wood. The material used for these beds decides their look and durability for them. For instance, beds made from woods such as Maple or Cherry are easy to repair as they have good support from the legs of the bed. These come in a variety of colors to suit your needs!

All in all, to get the best out of your bunk beds it must meet specified industry standards. To produce the best product, most of the reliable manufacturers follow voluntary standards along with the standardized ones. Moreover, when assembling the unit, you need to follow all the instructions and try not to make any additions, modifications, or substitutions. As with any kind of alterations you make might compromise on the strength and safety of the structure and will void any warranties given by the manufacturer.

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