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Things that a Certified Food Safety Supervisor Should Know

A certified food safety supervisor is a person appointed by the owner or top management of a food business and who has the ability, knowledge and training to ensure all reasonable steps are being taken to identify, prevent and alleviate food-related hazards in the business. He/she should have received certified food safety supervisor training from a recognized training provider.

Role of a food safety supervisor

The role of a Food Safety Supervisor is to manage the overall food safety of a business. This typically includes:

·            Recognizing, preventing and alleviating food safety hazards in the food business.

·            Ensuring that food handlers maintain safe personal hygiene.

·            Ensuring that a business’s food safety program is up-to-date and accurately maintained.

·            Monitoring all food handlers to make sure that all food handling tasks are properly and safely carried out.

·            Completing all required training and holding the necessary certificate.


To justify his/her role, a food safety supervisor must have knowledge and understanding of basic conditions and requirements to achieve food safety, HACCP principles, various food safety hazards, basic requirements for food premises, food defense etc.

Why certified food safety supervisor training is needed?

A trained food safety supervisor can perform his/her duties in a more efficient way than a person who has not received formal training for the same. Moreover, now food regulators of almost all countries have either made it mandatory or have recommended that all licensed food businesses must have at least one employee having received certified food safety supervisor training.


Topics that a certified food safety supervisor training should cover

Keeping in view the roles and responsibilities of a food supervisor, a certified foodsafety supervisor training course should typically cover following topics:

·            Food Safety and food safety hazards

·            The basic conditions to achieve food safety(PRP)

·            HACCP system - In general

·            Food allergens

·            Personal hygiene for the workforce

·            Food premises design and maintenance

·            Food handling equipment design for food safety

·            Cleaning and sanitization practices

·            Pest control

·            Food defense

·            Food safety culture development and assessment



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