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The best WhatsApp marketing software you should know 2021

Just imagine if you could only have three apps installed on your smartphone; what would you keep? (Let me give you 5 seconds to think about……)

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It’s a hard choice, right? Perhaps let me rephrase it. Which app you would check and tap on every hour to check if any notifications, or to be exact, anyone just sent you a message.  

I guess most of us could live without the magical camera filter. Still, a social messaging app is a must-have item as we rely on it to connect with friends, families, and unwillingly but inevitably people from work. After all, “to connect” is the original purpose of a phone. So among a wide variety of social messaging apps, which should win our attention?  

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According to Statista, as of Jan 2021, two billion users worldwide are accessing WhatsApp every month, while on average, a user opens up the app 23-25 times a day*. That means you will tap on it every hour. YES. EVERY HOUR.

On average, people just open up WhatsApp every single hour.

Source: digital

The number and the penetration rate keep going strong, especially during this unprecedented pandemic era. Being this indispensable, WhatsApp is too big to be ignored. So let’s begin this love story.

WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns can be as simple as that

Campaign idea 1: The power of a single scan -QR Code

Technology enables us to run both online and offline campaigns simultaneously. Indeed being there for customers twenty-four seven is a prerequisite to customers’ satisfaction. Want a sleek flow in between your O2O movements? WhatsApp can be the ready-to-use bridge with the help of a QR Code.

An estimated 11 million households in the States will scan a QR Code in 2020.

Source: Statista

Step 1: QR Code printed on offline materials for your promotion or customer service

Step 2: Creating incentives or call to action for customers to scan like eye-catching copies

Step 3: Crafting a welcome message prompted automatically via WhatsApp

Step 4: Begin a conversation with your potential customers

The good things are:

✅ Straightforward for customers and low cost to set up

✅ Easily merge with your existing offline materials

✅ Prompt conversation with valuable leads

Bonus idea:

QR Codes can also be printed on different stuff such as name cards or product packaging. With one simple scan, customers can conveniently access your CS or other specific staff. And they are particularly ready to engage with your company. This is way better than starting a conversation with a completely cold lead.  

Campaign idea 2: Show up at the right time via broadcast messages

Nearly 1/3 c-commerce (conversational commerce) buyers say they chat with businesses to determine if they’re trustworthy and credible. (Facebook, 2019)

Source: Hubspot Marketing Statista

Businesses often begin with conversations. The broadcast message allows us to initiate the conversation. Customers could be segmented using labels. Engaging and timely messages could be sent to groups of customers throughout the campaign period. It could be a countdown for your upcoming events or a time-limited birthday offer.

Compared to EDMs, broadcast messages are a better option.

64% of people across generations said that they prefer messaging to a call or email. (Facebook, 2019)

Source: Hubspot Marketing Statista

Credit: Awkward Marketing

The good things are:

✅ Messages go straightly to the chatbox without a scam filter

✅ The message could also include photos and files.

✅ More friendly

✅ People prefer messaging to email

Sending customized limited-time offers sounds fantastic and feasible, but (Yes, just like every kind of relationship, there is always a “BUT.”) You start to think of the tedious operations like who should manually refer to the birthday calendar of hundred thousand clients. Who should type the customers’ names, do the copy and paste plus press the send button one by one?

The correct answer should be no one, only if you find the right tool. An all-in-one WhatsApp API Platform not just saves your staff from all the repetitive work and human errors but also enhances the whole customer experience. And that’s why this software is now trending in the market.

“Building a good customer experience does not happen by accident. It happens by design.”

– Clare Muscutt, CEO of Women in CX, author of “How to be Awesome at CX.”

Wanna know the software you should have for WhatsApp marketing?




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