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The Benefits of Using Pneumatic Trailer System for the Transportation Industry

Since the majority of work related injuries are occurred in the trucking industry are in the lower back. According to the data compiled by OSHA i.e. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the average settlement of a Worker's Compensation for an injury occurred by trailer system or repetitive cranking of landing gear is $35,000. Besides, the wages paid for the worker's Paid Sick Leave; the cost for Disrupted Schedules as well as Impatient Customers cost could exceed 50,000 per incident.


Why It Happens & How to Prevent It?


Actually, cranking landing gear on trailer systems is a regular job for many drivers. It causes severe pain, back injuries and strain on muscle whether not done properly. It is also seen that truck drivers who manually raise and lower trailer landing gears have increased potential for back as well as shoulder strain, and other muscular-skeletal injuries.


Actually, it happens because of the operation of landing gear they repetitively bend and exert considerable force. The muscular-skeletal injuries occurred due to manually operating the landing gear is 2.5% per year. Now the questions will certain raise – what would be the safest way to reduce these types of injuries and ensure safety? What would be the way to reduce workers compensation? The answers are - Pneumatic trailer system.

The Best Way to Prevent Injuries & Reduce Workers Compensation


On-Lift Landing gear automation 2000 and 2000HD improves productivity. The pneumatic trailer system highly useful for safety and reducing workers compensation costs. We have seen for a long time that the use and upkeep of manual landing gears are very, very risky and troublesome, which is why to make the application easier, latest technology has come up with air-powered landing gear automaton for the trucking industry.


Air-powered landing gear automation works great for reducing the workload time. The air-powered automatic landing gears for trailers i.e. pneumatic trailer system offered by Patriot Lift raises and lowers landing gear of a fully loaded trailer in less than 10 seconds. These highly capable landing gears have made for lifting and landing the trailers smooth, easy and hassle-free. 


You need no additional power to run the landing gears because the air supply comes directly from the existing emergency air-brake line, so virtually it is through and through maintenance free. On-lift 2000 landing gear automation is used to lift 60,000 lb trailer. You just need a finger tip force to raise and lower a fully loaded trailer in less than ten seconds.


Also, the On-lift 2000HD is highly capable to lifting 100,000 lbs. It has strong enough 107 ft/lb. stall torque and 160 RPM free speed. These two air-powered landing gears or pneumatic trailer system can eliminate ergonomic injuries, such as back strain, shoulder strain, muscular-skeletal injuries, and many others. Air powered landing gear On-lift 2000 and on-lift 2000 HD eliminate the need of performing high torque manual task of up to 100 Ft/lbs. with a task that needs less than 1 lb.


Why You Should Choose Pneumatic trailer system?


Needless to say, Patriot Lift Company is the world leader in air-powered landing-gear automation system for the Transportation Industry. The Patriot Lift Pneumatic trailer system or landing gear automation 2000 and 2000HD reduce the incidence of injury from 10% to ZERO. Thus, the On-lift landing gear automations are used widely for the sake of improving productivity, eliminating injuries and reducing workers compensation cost. Look no further! Contact Patriot Lift today!

On lift


On-Lift is the most effective and reliable patented landing gear automation on the market worldwide. The automation is capable of raising and lowering landing gear in less than 10 seconds and there is virtually no maintenance required

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