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Divorce parents have to decide about child support. This article answers questions regarding how Texas family law attorneys help you in changes in support sum.

 Lawyers for child support and changes in support payment 

Divorcing parents and never-married parents are generally aware that they have a legal duty to support their kids with child support payment. However, most people have no idea about child support. It's challenging enough to have a child maintenance meeting.

It's difficult if you don't know anything about it. As a result, you'll need Texas family attorneys to help you resolve the issue and explain the child support laws.

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What is the most prevalent problem that lawyers for child support help parents in Texas?

The most prevalent problem that the parents face is a lack of knowledge of what child support in Texas is required to cover. Many disputes between parents begin when a non-custodial parent puts the point that if he or she is paying the child support, the other parent has to fulfill all the other duties towards the kids. 

As stated earlier, Texas law does not clarify what precisely child support includes, so when parents become single parents, and they have to pay for their kid's clothing, food, daycare, mobile phones, and health costs, they turn to Texas family law attorneys for help sorting it out. 

Since I already support a child through my full-time job in TX, will I have to pay support through a second part-time job?

If you changed your child support last month, the court wouldn’t change it for three years. Only if you, the other parent, or the kid face a significant change in the situation, the court can reassess it in less than three years.

Having a second job could be significant enough to affect your support order. If the extra money from your second job would lead your child support to increase by $100 or 20%, the court can change your support.

They don't alter it immediately, and no one from the judiciary or the Office of the Attorney General checks where individuals work. Only the other parent or his or her lawyers for child support can request the court for review.

The worst-case situation is that your part-time employment pays barely enough to justify a change. That would be awful. You wouldn't tell the other parent about your new work because you have no obligation to do so. 

Hold the job and use some of the money to buy extra clothes, food, and other items for the kid, and the rest to improve your own life so that you can be the ideal parent.

Changes made as a result of a salary increase.

If there's a shift in your situation, you can take the help of your Texas family law attorney to decide on revision. When you ask for a change of your child support order, here's what to consider.

Payment Modification Criteria

Only if one (or more) of the following apply to your child support decision is it qualified for change.

  • More than three years have passed since the order was put in place.

  • According to child support rules, the monthly payment of the child support agreement varies by either (a) 20 percent or (b) $100 from the sum that you pay.


  • Since the child support judgment was previously imposed, there has been a substantial and material shift in situations.

What does it mean when there is a "Substantial and Material Shift in situations"?

This phrase applies to one of the following instances while getting a change:

  • The earnings of the noncustodial parent have scaled up or down.

  • Additional kids are legally the duty of the noncustodial parent.

  • The healthcare insurance for your kid (or kids) has been modified.


  • The kid (or kids) has moved in with a different parent.


Divorce parents have to decide about child support. Mostly, the parents face a lack of knowledge about child support in Texas covers. Texas family law attorneys help them with their cases.

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