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Term paper format

Based on the article’s subject, term papers follow a specific style. The most common types include literature reviews and scientific reports, which can be used simultaneously or independently. In preparation for writing a term paper, students should follow the proper formatting guidelines and structures. The main elements of a properly formatted term paper are as follows:

Abstract: A short paragraph with the length of half or a third of a page. In this part, students should give a summary of critical points, describe a central problem, and finish while presenting the results.

Introduction: The introductory paragraph where the writer provides background information about the problem or issue. Other information such as a description of the issue’s significance, current thinking, and various approaches to the specific situation at hand is also provided. This paragraph should be closed with a strong claim or thesis statement in which plans and solutions to the problem are presented. 

Methods: This section describes the various data and information gathering methods for the research question. Moreover, the researcher’s impression of relevance, utility, and quality of data is discussed here. Also, it is imperative that you identify specific steps in data utilization. 

Results: As the name suggests, this section is dedicated to the presentation of all the findings on the research subject. Additionally, if there are any difficulties in answering research questions with gathered data, this is the place to disclose them.

Discussion: For this section, students should interpret their findings and observations, summarize the core findings, and make some conclusions. The last paragraph of this section should discuss the role of presented results in a grand scheme of things.

Reference: A separate page consisting of a list of credible sources formatted as instructed (APA, MLA, etc.) in alphabetical order.

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