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Swimming Pool Maintenance Services Dubai | Pool Maintenance Company in Dubai


Primo Provides Best Swimming Pool Maintenance Services in Dubai | swimming pool cleaning services with 100% guaranteed anywhere in Dubai. Primo provides best swimming pool maintenance services in Dubai and promises to clean your swimming pool and make it free of any germs or dirt so that it remains in an impeccable condition. By using international standard equipment and chemicals that are skin-friendl7y and eco-friendly, we clean your swimming pool so that there are no possible traces of dirt and germs.


At Primo aim to provide you the best swimming pool maintenance services by:

Skimming the pool
Emptying the pool
Brushing the pool walls and floor
Vacuuming the floors and the walls of the pool
Scrubbing the floor and the walls of the pools
Scrubbing the edges of the pool
We also make sure that the chlorine content in your pool is optimum.
An ideal PH level helps in killing the bacteria.

Pool cleaning requires a lot of time. It is very extensive and tedious. Our staff has the technical know how to complete the job in less time with high efficiency.

Our proficient services bring us amongst one of the best pool cleaning companies in Dubai. We also provide swimming pool maintenance service contracts as well. Call us now for the best pool cleaning services in Dubai.

Primo Service


We at Primo offer both standard and bespoke services and support to match your requirements by providing you with cost-effective and sustainable solutions. Backed by 10 years of extensive experience and supported by an in-house team of qualified.

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