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SuiteCRM Google Calendar Integration: Decode the Secret of Time-Management

The key to optimum productivity is flawless management whether it’s operations, meetings, sales, or marketing. In order to be at the top of your game, you need to effectively and efficiently manage your upcoming meetings and tasks. Businesses around the globe use various management tools and one of them is the SuiteCRM Google Calendar Integration plugin. This will sync all your future meetings, events, and appointments on both platforms, so you can easily manage your time.

In this article, we are going to talk about the extension and also share some crucial insights with you regarding the same. Before moving forward, we would like to discuss both platforms so that you can understand the functions of the plugin through and through.

Google Calendar: Google Calendar is a time-management and meeting scheduling software designed and developed by Google. This allows you to schedule meetings with multiple users,  you can also share the event locations, etc. All attendees get an email notification If there is some modification in the meeting details like time, date, location, etc. In a nutshell, it can provide you a holistic view of your future events and make your life easier.

SuitCRM: SuiteCRM is one of the most used open-source CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software in the world. The software is renowned among small and medium-sized businesses due to its scalability, flexibility, and customization. Another great advantage of this is businesses can use third-party plugins for enhancing the functionalities and integrating SuiteCRM with other applications.

Why integrate SuiteCRM with Google Calendar?

The answer is crystal clear, SuiteCRM Google Calendar Integration will eliminate a lot of recurring and unimportant tasks, which will result in improved efficiency.  This plugin will help you in justifying the quote “Focus on being productive instead of busy”.

Now, you have an overview of both platforms, we will now share information about the Google Calendar and SuiteCRM integration plugin.

Features of SuiteCRM Google Calendar Integration “Lite” Plugin

The applications of the plugin can be slightly different based on the industry in which you are working. But the fundamental idea behind this integration is to manage all meetings in one place so that you can tell your entire schedule just by having a glance. Let’s have a look at the functionalities of this SuiteCRM Extension.

  1. Sync Data between both platforms in real-time: Once you installed this plugin in your SuiteCRM then all the meetings schedule will start syncing bi-directionally. Moreover, the changes that you may do will also be synced in real-time.

  1. Link One Google Calendar Account with SuiteCRM: In the lite version, a person with one Google Calendar account will be able to sync all his calendars with SuiteCRM. Later, each calendar can be assigned to a user so they can create meetings in it.

  1. Time zone will adjust based on the attendee’s geographical locations: It’s quite possible for users to have meetings with peoples that are in various different locations around the world.  That’s why it is important that each of them get time as per their location.

  1. Add permanent guests to a meeting: If you want that a particular user should present in all meetings which are scheduled in a specific calendar then our plugin can do that too. You simply need to add that user as a permanent guest/attendee and he/she will get an invitation every time a new meeting is scheduled.

  2. Sync Calls and Tasks as well: In addition to meetings, the plugin can sync the Calls and Tasks as well. Same as meetings, you can add them via SuiteCRM and Google Calendar as well. They will also be synced in real-time.

If you like this plugin and are intrigued by its functionality then we recommend you to have a 3-days trial and get a first-hand experience. We believe only after that you can witness the true potential of SuiteCRM & Google Integration.


Sarthak Gothwal


I am a Senior CRM developer having great experience working in SugarCRM and SuiteCRM. You can check my collection of some amazing plugins on both these platforms, visiting the Outright Store.

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