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Song Lyrics In A Picture: How to Turn Your Favorite Song Lyrics Into a Picture

If you love music, chances are you love the lyrics too. When you’re sitting around, and you find yourself coming up with an idea that just has to come out, why not use your favorite song lyrics as inspiration? After all, they’ve already been written down, so all you have to do is put them in the right order! Find out how to turn your favorite song lyrics in a picture using tools available online or use our platform (

How to Turn Your Favorite Song Lyrics Into a Picture

One of the easiest ways to find lyrics from a song is using Google’s reverse image search engine. After you log into your Google account, type the song’s name and any phrase you want in the search bar. Click on Search by Image. For lyrics, type some song keywords in the search bar, and Google will try to pull up lyrics if they can find them. If you enter this word or phrase, this will bring up any result containing that word or phrase. There may be some clicking involved, but usually, it pulls up what you’re looking for. After finding what you are looking for, click on Download and save it as a picture file onto your computer. Then, print and save it as an image on your computer, so it will be accessible to you whenever you need it.

All you need is about five minutes, from start to finish, to turn your favorite song lyrics into a painting! Piece of cake, right? Now that you have some impressive quotes, why not show them off? All of the pictures here are used with the Creative Commons Zero license.

How to Put Song Lyrics in a Picture

To put lyrics in a picture, you will need to use an app like Pixlr (available on both Apple and Android devices). Make sure that your lyrics are long enough; if they aren’t, you might not be able to fit them all into one image. Choose a font for your lyrics—some fonts work better than others, depending on how long your words are. To adjust individual letters, click on them once with your cursor (you’ll see little dots appear around each letter). You can then drag these dots around and place them where you want. When you’re finished, save and share!

What App Can I Use to Put a Song in a Picture?

There are a few different ways to turn song lyrics into a picture. One is through Imgur, and another is through Photoshop. To use Imgur, all you have to do is upload your picture and add text that covers up as much of your picture as possible with words from your favorite song. Below, you will find instructions on turning song lyrics into a picture using Photoshop and Imgur. You can also look at our tips on turning anything into a picture here. Here’s how to turn song lyrics into a picture using Photoshop: Open up Photoshop. Type out your best song in word or google docs. Save it as the song name (make sure there aren’t any spaces). Now open it in Photoshop.


When it comes to getting those lyrics on your wall, there are three ways you can do it: 

1) hire someone to create a custom illustration or

2) buy an existing print from an artist,

3) or do it yourself! You’ll need some basic Photoshop skills for option #3.

Here’s how to turn song lyrics in a picture.

1. Open up Photoshop and use your text tool (there should be one in almost every image editing program). Select path from under your tool menu so that you can use text as if it were another image layer.

2. To find specific lyrics, type them into google and click on images – there will be plenty of choices for lyric-as-images for you to choose from!

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