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Software for Your Salon or Spa: How to Choose it?

Over the centuries of human existence, the standards of female/male beauty have changed countless times. They rush to the nearest salon and spa centres in great numbers almost every day. 

So, their owners find it extremely difficult to manage the growing number of customers. This is where they need to choose a salon appointment scheduling software for their salon and Spa business. It will allow them to automate different business activities of salon and spa businesses, easily handle the requests of more customers, and increase the profit margins. 

There are many HRM systems in the market for Salon and spa centres. All of them claim to be the best, which makes it difficult for entrepreneurs to choose the best Salon software for their business ventures. So, we have listed a few parameters that should be used by all while choosing a Salon software for Salon and Spa centres. Let's get started. 

  1. Universal or Industry Specific CRM

This is the first and foremost point you should think about seriously. Most CRM systems are universal and can be used by different industries and departments. However, sometimes you need to consider the Industry-specific CRM solutions universal CRM doesn’t offer the features and functionalities that you need to operate your salon and spa business. So, determine your needs and make a concrete decision accordingly. 

  1. Cloud Solutions or Desktop

Most CRM-programs are divided into two different sections- (a) Cloud-based CRM solutions & (b) desktop versions. The first one is online services, which can be accessed from any computer through a browser by subscribing and regularly paying a subscription fee. 

The second one is installed on computers and all data is stored on the server of that company. You need to make a one-time payment to buy a license and redeem the service packs. It is possible that you will have to pay for the services to the system administrator to support the program. 

These days, online CRM systems are gaining in popularity rapidly because they are affordable and can be used from any place. Such applications also get updated from time to time and their developers sometimes offer free technical support. So, you should choose a CRM system that is available in both versions. 

  1. Is the Mobile Version of the Salon software Available?

It is also an important point you should care about. Always keep in mind that different professionals (such as realtors and medical representatives) need a "pocket" CRM to receive notifications about new customers and applications, immediately mark the results of negotiations with counterparties in the program, update the status of transactions, make comments on sales, etc. Always keep in mind that the availability of mobile CRM increases the productivity of managers. So, you should choose a CRM that has a mobile incarnation. 

  1. The Availability of Features & Functionalities

You should look into the features and functionalities of different CRM systems before choosing one. Check out what processes you need to automate your business activities, create the customer’s database, reports for sales review and analysis, and make transactions. Choose a Salon software that has almost all features and functionalities to run your Salon & Spa business easily and effortlessly.

  1. UX/UI features & Ease-of-Use

In simple words, UX/UI features help users and business owners to use the Salon software easily to perform different tasks easily and get/provide the desired products/services comfortably. Therefore, take advantage of the free trial period of the CRM systems and check whether you feel comfortable while using that software or not. Choose a CRM system that is easy to use and handle. 

  1. Integration Facility 

Have a look at different CRM systems and find out which supports integration with other CRM systems. In business operations, you will have to integrate the chosen Salon software with different other web platforms, such as-

Types of CRM Integrations

Brief Explanation

Integration with telephony

Good software should integrate with telephony as it would allow businesses to record incoming calls and outgoing calls. So, when choosing Salon software for your business, pay attention to the availability of this feature and how it is implemented.

API integration

All Organizations use various services for receiving applications, tracing employees, keeping records, processing documents, etc. So, when you choose a CRM system, just look at whether there are API solutions for integration with your site, data exchange with 1C, IT-telephony, other necessary programs, and services or not. Always keep in mind that the interaction with the contact (the client) usually consists of several things, such as Phone calls, Email-correspondence, Newsletters (SMS or email), and Meetings. The first 3 things should be automated with the help of a CRM.

Integration with SMS service

The integration with SMS service is a ready-made solution for professionals, allowing them to send bulk SMS to all clients regarding different issues. 

 7. The Cost of the CRM

Before choosing a particular CRM system, you should have a look at its total cost including the cost of the perpetual licence & subscription, transferring data to the system, etc. There are various free CRM systems available on the market with limited features. Start-up companies and small business organizations can go for them. 

  1. Scalability Possibilities

Always keep in mind that when your company grows, the requirements for new tasks and processes will surface sooner or later. So, you need to find out in advance whether the developer is ready to extend the functionality of your system by adding new functions and features to it or not. Otherwise, you will have to look for a new CRM in that case. 

  1. Technical Support

Technical problems often come up all of a sudden when you use Salon software. So, you must try to choose a Salon software whose developer is ready to offer the required technical support free of cost. It will help you to deal with the technical ifs and buts of the Salon software and run your salon and spa business easily. 


In today’s competitive environment, wherein all business organizations vie tremendously to get more customers, sell products/services in bulk, and increase the profit margins, the use of a good CRM system becomes mandatory. It helps you to automate your business activities and boost the profit margins greatly. Just keep the above-mentioned things in mind to choose a good CRM for your business easily and comfortably. 

Julia Ching


Julia Ching has been a Manager at Salonist since 2017. Her passion for helping people in business management through the expert industry coverage she provides. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram for the latest posts.

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