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Should You Mix and Match Bedroom Furniture?

With any furniture, it is not typically what looks best but what goes together in a seamless and beautiful way. To define furniture it is one of the movable items in homes, for instance, tables and chairs, the usage makes life comfortable. The objective of having furniture in your bedroom is to support your daily activities like sleeping, eating, and seating. Plus, you can use furniture to hold items at a convenient height, store items or work.

Perhaps some of the benefits of having matching bedroom furniture are clear enough to everyone- what could be better than to get what you exactly want, that is which matches all of your bunks and lofts.

Successful Mix and Match Bedroom Furniture

To have a successful decor that looks good and suits your style you need to equip your bedroom with the right techniques. Talking about bedrooms, this is one specific room which requires a lot of time and attention as you spend most of your time in there. You will want to pay attention to the furniture to make sure the bedroom has an overall cohesive look.

If you go back in the day matching furniture sets used to be a popular trend. And fast-forward to now, the trend has not been outdated. Most people even today prefer this option as it gives the bedroom a solid style and foundation.

The best way is to choose finishes that are very different. For instance, if you are going the solid wood route for your bedroom, you need to pick one wood tone and stick to it, but then mix up paints and lacquers. The key here is to select objects that don't look like you are trying to match.

Tips on Matching Bedroom Furniture

  1. Start slow: Already have a bunk bed or a loft bed? It's best to start with equipping your room with one piece that is drawers. For instance, it will be a lot easier to work around pieces that you intend to use rather than the other way around.
  2. Some things can add grace: You should not try and match a big item with a big one otherwise it is going to look obvious. To begin with, matching nightstands is the best option. These indicate smaller portions to the bed or if you are trying to match something with the wardrobe. As long as the bed is central, a similar finish and paint are going to do the work for the pair up. When you want to create a symmetrical and balanced room the smaller furniture items can be of similar styles.
  3. Don't be afraid to mix up furniture! Remember you can mix up heavier pieces with more light weighed and airy-looking furniture pieces. All you need to do is mix up the different shapes, styles, colors, and textures. You can also mix and match different shapes or repeat elements that bring together the whole space.
  4. The act of balancing: Too few details might feel like something is missing. And too many details can make your room cluttered. To proceed with matching, it is important to look at the size of your room and the proportions of your pieces if you are trying to lean to one side rather than balancing. Mix and matching styles will give you some flexibility when you want to change up the room or shift to a bigger place.
  5. Invest in pieces connected through color: As you look at color connecting different pieces in a mismatched manner, you may pick on the fact that color is one way to connect different styles and differentiate similar styles. For instance, when you opt for broadly shared pieces you will be able to connect different pieces in a mismatched set, giving them a common connecting point. For instance, if your central piece, that is your bunk bed is made of solid wood with different hues in the grain, you could bring in different pieces that reflect those shades. Color is just one of the ways that bring out the life of different pieces and showcase the variety of what you have in your bedroom set.
  6. Play with a visual component, that is the texture: The finish or the texture contributes to the impression that the piece gives you. For instance, raw wood can create a more rustic impression or an upholstered piece with a lot of details creating a feeling of luxury. You can also work with texture, by building contrast.

You can build what you want and experience with different styles and choose what suits your preference and the best needs. In addition to getting the design you desire, you can support manufacturers who support sustainability.

Tom Williams


I am a writer who likes to write about home and improvement ideas and products like beds, furniture, and decor items.

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