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Shape Up Your Landscapes With Variants Of Shrubs For Sale Near Me

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at topiary or shape hedges and shrubs? Shaping shrubs is a beautiful way to go out in the yard and try your hand at an old art form. There is evergreen or blooming shrubs for sale near me that is suitable for your yard, whether you like a formal or more casual shape. Consider the following factors when purchasing a plant. What is the plant's natural form (conical, spherical, tall, or low-growing)? When the plant reaches maturity, what big will it be?

Formal hedges, sculpted shrubs, and topiaries can benefit from the evergreen shrub species listed below. 

Choose a variation that will work well for your landscaping goals from the various varieties available for each species.

    1. Arborvitae

Arborvitae is decorative trees that come in a wide range of sizes and forms to fit into practically any setting. They are available in towering, pyramidal configurations and more compact globe sizes. You might choose to let the plant grow into its natural form with minimum trimming for a low-maintenance evergreen. You can shear them using powered or manual hedge trimmers for a more formal look. Because Thuja is such a diverse genus, check the plant tag to make sure it will fit in your space and that it will have enough room to mature without crowding other plants. Other growth parameters vary according to the cultivar, so learn about soil pH, texture, and light needs before you buy.

    2. Boxwood

Boxwoods are excellent for little shaping projects. As a result, they are among the most excellent topiary species for a home gardener since they can be planted in a pot or the ground and shaped by anybody. Most boxwoods have thick foliage that lends themselves to several topiary designs, such as spherical ball shapes, geometric patterns, or a more formal method of planting them in straight lines and using them as a hedge plant. Make sure you do your homework to choose one that will suit your demands. Height, insect resistance, cold hardiness, and growth pace differ depending on the cultivar.

    3. Yaupon holly

Are you worried that a hedge or topiary won't develop on your heavily shaded lawn? Yaupon, holly thrives in various conditions, including deep shade, medium shade, and full sun. If you have a more naturalized region in your lawn, it will also grow into a bit of a tree and can be left in a more natural shape. Yaupon holly produces white blooms in the spring, followed by crimson fruits on fertilized female plants in the fall. It can endure drought and occasional floods, as well as rigorous shaping. This shrub produces suckers at the base, which should be pruned back unless you desire a thicket.


Turning a plant into a tree shape is another common approach to shape it. This approach is popular with shrubs for sale near me  because it makes a lovely, flowery focal point in your landscape, but it may also be used with non-flowering shrubs and plants.

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