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Sapphire Engagement Rings: Description Based on Color

lue sapphire has become the prime choice of people for an engagement ring after diamond. Couples are making different choices for their engagement; they are shifting from diamonds to sapphires.

The exquisiteness of blue sapphire has also been discussed in the Bible. A sapphire symbolizes the affection and love of a person towards his partner. Sapphire is also associated with the royal family of Britain. Princess Kate Middleton wore a shining blue sapphire ring on her engagement with Prince William. Hollywood celebrities are also making sapphire rings trendy; Elizabeth Hurley styled herself with the stunning sapphire engagement ring.

Are you planning to buy a sapphire ring for your engagement? Well, it is important to know how the sapphires create their value based on their color, tone, saturation, and hue.

Let’s get started with the four ways to describe the color of a sapphire engagement ring before you look forward to buying an engagement ring.     

Shades of Sapphire

Hues of sapphire are the key aspects to describe the color in a sapphire engagement ring. Sapphire comes in all colors of the rainbow. However, most of us are only aware of the blue shade of sapphire, which is highly popular and demanded in the market. Out of various hues of sapphire, Padparadscha and Pink hues are an extremely rare variety of sapphires. Meanwhile, that doesn’t mean blue sapphires are not rare; it is hard to find a blue sapphire with exceptional clarity and brilliancy.

The blue color in the sapphire engagement ring has a great influence on gem lovers. Hues of blue sapphire can vary from light to dark bluish color. Cornflower blue sapphire is considered a very rare variety of sapphire due to the depletion of mines.        

Tone of Sapphire

The tone of the sapphire describes the intensity of the color of sapphire. Gemologists say that the dark color of sapphires pushes the price in the market, but after a certain level of sapphire’s dark tone, the price starts to fall.  

The purple-blue tone of sapphires tends to drive the price higher than any other tone of the sapphire. It is very rare to find a blue sapphire with perfect tone and shade; medium to a little dark-medium tone is not easy to find. This is why the medium-tone sapphire engagement rings are usually more expensive than any other tone.   

Saturation of Sapphire

Saturation in simple terms means the purity of color. Usually, there are undertones of colors in a sapphire which affect the saturation of the primary color of the stone. It is this lack of undertones or the purity of color that determine the value of the sapphire in the market. Saturation modifier helps the gemologists to know and explain the saturation of a gemstone. For example, a grey saturation modifier is used to identify the brightness in green, blue, and violet sapphires. A brown modifier is used to identify the level of vividness in red, orange, and yellow sapphires. The value of the sapphire is typically identified by the level of saturation; it helps to know whether the price will be high or low.   

Cut of Sapphire

Cut in a gemstone draw out the color and brilliancy. The value of sapphire in the market depends upon how well it has been cut and shaped. Round-shaped cut and emerald cut are the most brilliant cuts that draw out the sparkle in sapphire.

Jewelry admirers have their key focus on the cut and brilliancy of the gemstones, especially when they are buying a sapphire engagement ring. Color and cut are the most important aspects while buying a gemstone.

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