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Samsung Jet Bot AI+ with Intel A.I. Driving

Introducing Samsung’s latest AI-powered robot vacuum to help clean your house with minimal effort and maximum performance: the Jet Bot AI+. It claims to be the first Intel AI-powered smart robot vacuum that uses both LiDAR and 3D sensors to detect distance and track location for precise movements, as well as distinguish the differences between objects to manoeuvre around them appropriately. This allows the machine to clean homes more efficiently and thoroughly, without requiring the supervision of users for each room or location.

It is powered by an advanced digital inverter motor that delivers 30W of suction power, which can also be adjusted depending on the type of surface using the Intelligent Power Control feature. Paired with the Jet Cyclone system, users need not worry about tangles as the vacuum has separate cyclones and chambers to trap dust, loose hairs, and dirt from every crevice. Users can also set no-go zones and review cleaning routes and history via the Samsung SmartThings app.

After cleaning, it automatically returns to the Clean Station to dispose its contents into a bag that only needs replacement once every two to three months. In addition, all its parts and filters are fully washable to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.

Jet A.I. Object Recognition : Clean safely and efficiently via recognition, response and execution process

3D Sensor : Scans a wide area using a 3D depth camera to perceive the room structure and obstructions

Clean Station : Charging station and Clean Station with 2.5L dustbag, automatically and hygienically empty out the dustbin

Available at Samsung

Price: 1299$

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