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Rich Text Edit Control: Your Powerful Tool to Customize & Extend the Editor Easily

The leading WYSIWYG or what you see is what you get, browser-based, HTML rich text editor helps content contributors create and publish web content seamlessly. And, at the same time, being a developer, you can maintain and control the sites’ feel and look.

Now-a-days, hundreds of thousands of organizations have already integrated rich text edit control into their content management system. And, some of them also integrated in their e-learning, web email, discussion forums and a wide range of applications. In addition, this type of powerful text editor not only allows developers to customize easily but also helps them extend the editor.

What Does A Rich Text Editor Do?

When we talk about rich text edit control, we must first understand what this rich text editor does. To put it simply, a rich text editor is nothing but a tool that helps you edit or add content, images, links as well as a wide variety of components on the page sans having to know any code. The best thing is – it displays the content or formats of any type, as it would display in the browser.

What Does A Rich Text Edit Control Do?

Now, you need to know what this rich text control does, which is often known as rich text edit control. In a nutshell, rich text control contains tables, images and various types of content control, also called custom formatted text.

In actuality, a good rich text editor control provides an application user a WYSIWYG or what you see is what you get editing area for the sake of formatting text. One thing you need to know is – the input and output of control format is normally in HTML. Generally, this control allows copied rich text to be pasted easily into the control, i.e. from word or web browser.

What Makes Rich Text Edit Control Produced By Sub Systems Apart?

Rich Text Edit Control or TE edit control offered by Sub System is a feature rich, powerful, efficient and time-tested RTF editor component available in the market. This tool can be an all-in-one solution for HTML or JavaScript, .NET framework and .NET core, Win32 and Win64, as well as Java environments.  

The best thing is - .NET framework and .NET core products are written out and out utilizing the managed C# code without any dependence of Win32 assembly. It is available with DLL source. If you want to opt for robust software to work within the browser secure environment, you can depend on this TE edit control, which is pure JavaScript or HTML code based editor.

You can use it in a server or a client based application, because it also includes with an ASP.NET framework wrapper. At the same time, it can be used in a web and desktop application. Rich text edit control for Java is very much compatible with Java standard edition 6.0 or the later. As discussed above, the software also includes with an ASP.NET framework wrapper to be used in a client or server Internet applications, which is a bit similar to Win32 and .NET of TE edit control component.

Summing It Up

Let us close by saying that components used and targeted in the rich text edit control towards software developers, but the installation is very simple. You don’t need have high technical calibre to install it into your system. The component software is delivered in zip file, so when you install, you just need to copy the content of the from the zip folder and paste them into an empty folder.

That’s all! Just follow the instruction for the product usage. It is as simple as that! If you want to try it, feel free to visit the site and try online. It is pure HTML or JavaScript based text editor component for your day to day needs. 

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Sub Systems has been in the business of providing fine software components since its inception in 1986. We are located at the rim of the research boulevard in Austin, Texas.

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